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Savoca in Sicily View of Coastline Photo by Margie Miklas A brief account of how the upcoming road trip in Sicily with my friend, Victoria came about…

Victoria and Margie in Venice Photo by Victoria De MaioI remember growing up feeling that being Sicilian was something special. My maternal grandparents were born in Cesarò, a small village in the Messina region of Sicily, and all the traditions they maintained in their new home in America in the 1920s and beyond were borne out of their Sicilian roots.

My Grandparents' village in Sicily - Cesarò Photo by Margie MiklasThe first time I went to Sicily was less than 10 years ago and it had such a familiar feel for me.  It was like I was home. Walking on the same streets where my grandparents grew up was truly an emotional experience. I felt really close to them even though they been gone for many years. I’ve been to Sicily five times, and each time the magic captures my heart.

Isola Bella in Taormina Photo by Margie MikalsMy first connection with Victoria was on social media. I liked her writing style on her blog and was delighted when she contacted Italian Talks  inquiring about becoming a contributing writer. I was managing their blog and Twitter account, and after sending some details about the writing criteria to her, was happy to accept her initial post. Not only has she maintained her role as an author on Italian Talks, but we have become close friends. Initially as long-distance, virtual friends, we discovered that we had much in common including our Sicilian roots and love of travel to Italy.

Margie in Italy Photo by Margie MiklasI have been in the habit of traveling solo to Italy, yet Victoria’s small group experience in Puglia intrigued me. I decided to sign up, and join her tour  and in May of 2015, we met in person along with several other travel bloggers for the first time in Venice.

Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy ~ photo by Margie Miklas

Margie and Victoria in Polignano a Mare Photo by Margie MiklasAfter 12 days in Puglia, we continued our travels to other areas of Italy for another week and found that we had a lot of fun and travel well together.

Margie and Victoria in Puglia Photo by Victoria De MaioVictoria wanted to return to Sicily one day and felt it had to be with someone who has the same passion about it and would want to travel together, so she asked me if I’d consider someday going with her. My answer was yes and…someday is this October.

Sicily winding roads Photo by Margie MiklasTogether we agreed on 10 days in Sicily at the end of individual trips to Italy this fall. We’ve finalized our “itinerary” and we’ve booked our accommodations. Unlike us though, we’re staying footloose and flexible! We both agree that this will be a very personal and low-key girlfriend journey including a little bit of everything— archaeological and historical sites, sightseeing, exploring Sicily’s beautiful seaside towns, wine tasting, luscious local cuisine, meeting locals—and lots of cannoli!

Victoria and Margie in Puglia w wine Photo by Victoria De MaioWe’re meeting in Palermo, picking up our rental car (thank you Auto Europe!) and off we go! And these #2SicilianGals are beyond excited.

For me it will be particularly meaningful because I will be visiting my cousins in Taormina, as well as sharing places, familiar and unfamiliar with someone who has the same passion for Sicily as I do.

You’ll be hearing more, no doubt. We’ll be sharing along the way but we also hope to inspire you to put a fire under those travel dreams.

Watch for us, #2SicilianGals, on our blogs, social media, and maybe in the news! After all, anything can happen in Italy!

My traveling companion PostcardZ from Victoria
My Love Affair with Sicily

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46 Responses

  1. Claire

    I am discovering your blog through Joyeux Magazine. A big crush as I actually know Cesarò, my dear friend Daniele took me there one summer to visit his grand-parents. Enjoy your next trip Margie, I’ll be following along
    Claire (a French living between Milan and the Lakes)

    • margieinitaly

      Claire, thank you very much. I am so happy to hear how you you have discovered my blog! I wonder if your friend Daniele’s grandparents know my cousins from Cesaro`! It truly is a small village. I hope you enjoy following me along as I return to Sicily next month!! Grazie, Bella

  2. Tony

    How awesome, can’t wait to read all about it! I will most likely take a lot of what I read and use it to build my own future trip to Sicily to explore my roots as well! 🙂

  3. apollard

    Dying to hear where you will be the first month too! Maybe I will see you as I travel through Le Marche, and Torino this trip during September. Have a wonderful time 🙂

    • margieinitaly

      I’ll be happy to follow your trip in Torino and Le Marche. I won’t arrive in Italy until the end of September where I’ll spend a couple days in Milan and then 2 weeks in Positano to write. Afterwards I am Sicily-bound to meet up with Victoria!!

  4. Annabel Matos

    I am beyond jealous, and so happy for you. I spoke w/my aunt yesterday in a small town near Agrigento called Raffadali, and told her I would be going in 2018. FYI I was born in another small town, Santo Stefano Quisquina. Looking forward to pics. My son Enzo started taking Italian in high school this year. Enjoy

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much Annabel. I will be sure to think of you as we get near Agrigento. I haven’t been in those small towns but I’ll look for the signs. That is awesome that Enzo is taking Italian. I followed your trip last year and it looked great. I hope you’ll be able to go back again soon …thank you so much for following my blog

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