Terremoto in Italia~How to Help the Italy Earthquake Victims

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Photo by ABC NewsI’ve been so saddened and torn about the recent earthquake in Italy, and I wanted to post something here. When I read this post by Cristina on Un po’ di pepe~ I think she expressed everything I have been feeling.  She also included helpful resources to check out for anyone interested in finding ways to help.

Enjoy. Please be sure to check out Cristina’s blog, as she also has a passion for Italy.

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  1. composerinthegarden

    Margie, this is so devastating. Thank you for providing links for helping. I was in Naples during the earthquakes in 1983-84 and experienced some smaller quakes while we were there. But of course none of them were anything like this, truly appalling.

  2. Debra Kolkka

    I will be back in Italy in a few weeks. I think I will be eating lots of pasta Amatriciana. I know our local Red Cross and local supermarkets will be handling donations.

  3. Tony

    So sad, each time I hear and see the pictures it breaks my heart a little more.

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