Italy at Eighteen is guaranteed to warm your heart.

A long-awaited dream finally becomes a reality when Margie embarks on a two-week travel adventure to Italy with her granddaughters Kate and Emily. Family bonds mean everything to her, and these eighteen-year-old twins have been the light of her life since they were born. Excited to introduce her beloved Italia to the girls, she hopes they will treasure this shared experience for the rest of their lives.

The true stories about the trio’s exploits in Italy highlight the closeness of family and the joys of discovery as they experience Italy together. Margie and her granddaughters trek sixty-five miles during this two-week, life-changing trip, and their special relationship strengthens into an even closer and profound connection. During this emotionally rewarding journey, two adolescents touch their grandmother’s heart, leaving her a gift of cherished memories.

An Amazon #2 best-selling new release in family travel, and honored with a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite, this travelogue memoir is the perfect book to help plan a fun and memorable trip to Italy, especially if you’re traveling with teens.

What readers are saying about Italy at Eighteen

“An absolute gem of a book that swept me away on a heartwarming adventure. From the moment I delved into its pages, I was captivated by the enchanting tale of a grandmother embarking on a journey with her twin granddaughters – taking them to Italy for their first time.The author’s portrayal of a grandmother’s deep love for her granddaughters and her desire to share the wonders of Italy with them is both touching and inspiring. But it’s the bond between the grandmother and her granddaughters that steals the show. Their shared laughter, the lessons learned, and the memories made together are what truly tug at the heartstrings. It’s a testament to the power of family and the joy that comes from exploring new places with loved ones by your side.
~ Ilene Modica, co-author of Our Italian Journey

“This heartfelt memoir beautifully captures the essence of Italy through the eyes of a loving grandmother and her twin granddaughters. This book is not just a travelogue; it’s a journey of familial bonds, cultural exploration, and personal growth, making it a must-read for those who cherish family relationships and the allure of Italian culture. What sets this book apart is the deep emotional undercurrent that flows through the narrative. Margie’s dream of sharing her passion for Italy with her granddaughters unfolds into a series of memorable experiences, each chapter filled with love, laughter, and discovery. The reader is taken on a cultural odyssey that is as much about the places they visit as it is about the strengthening of familial ties and the joy of intergenerational travel. Miklas has crafted a narrative that is both informative and profoundly moving, making this book an invaluable companion for those who wish to explore.
~ Grace Jackson, book reviewer

“Travel writer Margie Miklas has given us a delightful combination travelogue and memoir of her two-week trip in Italy with her twin granddaughters, capturing each sight and adventure through both her own eyes and those of the eighteen-year-olds. Despite some pitfalls along with the pleasures, Margie grows in her own love of Italy as she cultivates it in the younger generation and the reader. Novice, veteran, and armchair travelers alike will find this book enlightening and entertaining.”
~ Valentina Sgro

Italy at Eighteen by Margie Miklas

Italy at Eighteen is deeply personal for me, and as a grandmother, I feel so fortunate that these teens wanted to spend two weeks with me in Italy. Elated to share my beloved Italia with them in person, I hoped they’d love it as much as I do. Their beaming faces and their eagerness to willingly trek all over Italy without complaints signaled a solid yes. I don’t need further validation. I’m so thankful for these two unforgettable weeks and am one fortunate and ecstatic Italian grandma.


Released March 3, 2024, Italy at Eighteen is available in paperback and kindle on Amazon in the US, UK, and other countries.





An audiobook, narrated by me, will be coming later this year.