Italy Photo of the Day

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I love wandering through these piazzas in Italy, where a photo opportunity appears around every corner. The beautiful Piazza Vecchia is the heart of the old town in Upper Bergamo in northern Italy’s Lombardia region. In the center of this … Continued

Italy Photo of the Day

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I loved watching this gondolier in Venice before I snapped this photo. The life of a gondolier in Venice may seem romantic, but specific requirements must be met before one attains this title. In the 16th century, over 10,000 gondoliers … Continued

A Few Words from the Heart

  It’s been seven weeks since I posted anything here. I simply haven’t been inspired to write. In early March, when Italy’s coronavirus outbreak escalated to large numbers of cases and deaths, predominantly in the northern regions, I felt an … Continued

La Passeggiata – An Italian Lifestyle

The first time I visited Italy I was naive and had no clue about  the Italian lifestyle known as la passeggiata. As I sat on a bench in Campo San Barnaba in Venice, and  listened to accordion music,  I sipped … Continued

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