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Italy at Eighteen, my latest travel memoir, is guaranteed to warm your heart. This true story about a two-week adventure in Italy with my eighteen-year-old twin granddaughters, promises laughs, surprises, tears, and joy.

“Italy at Eighteen by Margie Miklas is an informative read for fans of travel books and an uplifting story for memoir lovers.” ~ 5-star Review Reader’s Favorite


Published March 3, 2024, this travelogue memoir is available in paperback and kindle and audiobook.

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“Being a seasoned traveler and now a resident of Italy, this heartwarming story taught me a great deal about Italy—interesting facts I didn’t know. I enjoyed following Margie on Facebook during this adventure, but reading this book made the circle complete. A wonderful story I can relate to as a grandparent and one I would like to emulate myself one day. This book is about the joy of discovery and the bonds of family, making it a delightful easy read.”
~ Ilene Modica, co-author of Our Italian Journey


Absolute Revenge, my third novel following Critical Cover-Up and A Cure for Deceit, is another captivating psychological thriller. I’m pleased to announce that it is a 2023 American Fiction award FINALIST and a 2024 Firebird award WINNER!

ABSOLUTE REVENGE 2023 American Fiction award finalist




Published September 7, 2022, this award-winning thriller is available in paperback and kindle, and now, also in audiobook.

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“Paced like a roller-coaster ride, Absolute Revenge invokes the inner workings of a critical care unit coupled with the deranged mind of a serial criminal that races through a tale of vengeance, duplicity, and betrayal—tempered with a touch of romance—in a mad dash from its hospital setting in Miami to the splendors of Italy that will keep you turning pages late into the night.”
~ Karen Neary Smithson, Author of the Beth Getty Mystery Series

A Cure for Deceit, my second novel and a sequel to Critical Cover-Up, is another gripping medical thriller.

2020 Silver Award Winner of the FWA Royal Palm Literary Competition


2020 RPLA Silver Badge

  • 2020 Readers’ Favorite Bronze Award Winner in the Medical Thriller genre

2020 Readers Favorite Bronze Award

  • 2020 Book Excellence Award Finalist

Book Excellence Finalist Margie in Italy Book

When a top surgeon begins to crack under stress in his personal life, and patients start to die, suspicions surface at a San Francisco hospital. A sudden spike in patient deaths drives an impassioned ICU nurse to launch a clandestine investigation, targeting a powerful cardiac surgeon whose corrupt connections could destroy her career.

Although this is a work of fiction, the medical scenes are accurate portrayals of real-life critical care situations. As a critical care nurse for my entire nursing career, I’ve worked with some of the best healthcare professionals, and have seen plenty.

Available in paperback and Kindle formats

and now also as an audiobook

A Cure for Deceit audiobook

The Venice I Know, published on January 2, 2021, is a travel memoir and tribute to the people of Venice, whom I have come to know and love.

The Venice I Know by Margie Miklas

2021 Readers’ Favorite Finalist in the Travel genre

2020 Readers Favorite Bronze Award

2023 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist in the Travel Category

Not your typical travel guide, this book places an emphasis on actual issues facing the Venetian people today. “Margie delivers an illuminating and honest look at Venice, a real place where everyday people live and work. In her characteristic conversational tone, she shares many personal stories and experiences, and you’ll feel as if you are traveling alongside her.”

Available on Amazon in paperback and digital formats, and now also an audiobook, narrated in my own voice

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Semi-finalist for the 2020 Royal Palm Literary Award

from the Florida Writers Association


My bestselling book on Italy, My Amalfi Coast Love Affair, is a travel memoir.

This newest book reveals a more personal side of me, and the final chapter relates what happens in my most recent trip to the Amalfi Coast, a trip I share for the first time, with the love of my life. Romance is in the air.

Available  in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats.

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I am a second-generation Italian-American with a passion for travel, and a particular love of Italy. I am an award-wining author, writer, travel blogger, and photographer. I also am a contributing writer for La Gazzetta Italiana,  a monthly Italian-American newspaper, Italia Magazine, and several other online travel sites.

My first book,  Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy,  is based on this blog and my three-month solo travel adventure to Italy.  It was honored with an award by the Florida Writers Association.

In  My Love Affair with Sicily, my second book, you will feel as though you are traveling with me during five separate trips to Sicily.

Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, published in April of 2015, is a coffee table/photo book which features the peoples, streets, traditions, places, and culture of one of my favorite places in Italy. Available directly from me. To purchase by PayPal, see below. You may also contact me at

Memoirs of a solo traeler cover Photo by Margie Miklas

Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy
Winner of the 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award
by the Florida Writers Association

Available on AMAZON. Also available on Amazon UK and all major retail book stores.

My Love Affair with Sicily Photo by Margie Miklas

My Love Affair with Sicily

Available on AMAZON as paperback, kindle, and audiobook. Also available on Amazon UK

Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast by Margie Miklas

Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Email Margie Miklas at

to purchase an autographed copy .

No longer offered on Amazon

The award-winning thriller, Critical Cover-Up is my first novel, a psychological thriller set in a Florida hospital.  A critical care nurse who hopes to make a difference becomes disillusioned when she discovers corruption and cover-up. A surgeon’s murder, fatal mistakes, and anonymous threats challenge her idealistic ambitions. 5-star review by Readers Favorite. Honored as a 2018 Finalist by Book Excellence Awards.

Critical Cover-Up

2018 Book Excellence Award Finalist

Available in digital and paperback formats on Amazon, and major bookstores. Click here to purchase.