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I am thrilled to announce the release of ITALY AT EIGHTEEN, a travelogue memoir

about a two-week  adventure in Italy with my eighteen-year-old twin granddaughters.

Guaranteed to warm your heart, this true story promises laughs, surprises, tears, and joy.


Amazon #2 Bestseller in Hot New Releases for Family Travel Books

Available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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When a grandmother embarked on a two-week travel adventure to Italy with her 18-year-old twin granddaughters, Margie Miklas’s long-awaited dream became a reality. Excited to share her beloved Italia, she hoped to create a special experience they’d treasure for the rest of their lives.

You’ll feel as if you’re traveling alongside them as they experience the thrills of a three-hour Vespa tour through Rome, design and paint artistic masks in Venice, observe skilled intarsia artisans at work in Sorrento, spend time with the cats of Torre Argentina, collect sea glass on the beaches of Positano, and learn to make authentic gelato in Sorrento. You’ll sense their joy on the nights they dance in Piazza Navona and wander through the darkened alleys in Venice. You’ll long for a taste of that delicious wood-fired pizza, and you might even wish you walked the sixty-five miles they traveled in Italy.

During this life-changing and unparalleled experience, their special, familial relationship strengthened into an even closer and profound connection. Two adolescents touched their grandmother’s heart in ways that left her the gift of cherished memories from this emotionally rewarding journey.



What readers are saying about Italy at Eighteen

“A heartwarming book full of exciting adventures and creative ideas for anyone planning a trip to Italy, especially those traveling with teens. Real-life situations don’t always work out as planned and the author is quick to reveal lessons learned along the way. I found myself delighted with every turn of the page.”

~ Susan Nelson, author of The Adventures of Seabee Bill

“The author’s portrayal of a grandmother’s deep love for her granddaughters and her desire to share the wonders of Italy with them is both touching and inspiring. But it’s the bond between the grandmother and her granddaughters that steals the show. Their shared laughter, the lessons learned, and the memories made together are what truly tug at the heartstrings. It’s a testament to the power of family and the joy that comes from exploring new places with loved ones by your side.”

~ Ilene Modica, coauthor of Our Italian Journey

“Margie Miklas’ delightful travel memoir, Italy at Eighteen, captures the joys and mishaps of a whirlwind tour of Italy with her twin eighteen-year-old granddaughters. From speeding around Rome on Vespas to enjoying the vistas of Capri, making gelato in Sorrento, and the enchantment of a moonlit gondola ride on Venice’s Grand Canal, this informative guide takes you on an exhilarating journey. If you’re planning a trip to Italy with teenagers, this is the perfect book to help plan a fun and memorable trip.”

~ Karen Neary Smithson, author of the Beth Getty Mysteries


If you are on Facebook, I have created an album of captioned photos with corresponding page numbers to the book, so you can see what you are reading about. Thank you Ilene Modica, award-winning coauthor of Our Italian Journey for that idea.

Rialto Bridge at night Photo by Margie Miklas


I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and unwavering support throughout my writing processes over the past thirteen years, beginning with my blog, Margie in Italy. I truly appreciate it. And one more thing, I must thank anyone who has ever left a comment, or a review. Reviews are golden and so appreciated by authors. Thank you so much. You, the readers, are who make writing so worthwhile. I am always open to feedback of any kind, so please don’t be a stranger.


Email me at margieeee49@gmail.com ideas, typos you might find, writing questions, questions abut Italy, or anything else you might want to communicate. I promise I will reply. Speaking of plot ideas, I do plan on writing another thriller, hopefully next year.. So let me hear those ideas!

Ciao and Thank you,


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  1. Victoria

    Congrats Margie!!! I know how much this trip with your granddaughters meant to you and truly, it was a dream realized for all of you! Beautiful memories for all of you! xo

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you so much, Victoria yes it was a very personal and meaningful trip and writing the book triggered all the memories right back. Thank you for all of your support.

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