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Planning a trip to Italy has always been exciting and fun for me. I enjoy the process almost as much as I like the trip. But so much has changed in the world, including travel, and I have learned that flexibility is key. I realize some travelers detest the research and travel planning, and that’s why professional travel advisors exist, to do the work for you, usually for a nominal fee.

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As I’m beginning to plan a trip to Italy with my 18-year-old twin granddaughters this coming spring, I’m finding the airfares to be quite a bit higher than in the past. The girls are graduating and will be heading to college. This means the only time we can go is late May and into June, which is always a higher-priced season anyway.

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I realize that I have plenty of time to book our flights. After all, it’s more than seven months out. According to Google Flights, the best deals on international flights to Europe “were usually found 129 days before departure and prices tend to be lower anywhere between 50 and 179 days out.”  2022 has been, and still is, extremely volatile concerning airfares and routes, so it’s hard to know with certainty when to book.

Why Are International Flights So Expensive?

  1. They cost more to operate than domestic flights.
  2. Demand is currently high because of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Passengers who postponed their travel plans during the pandemic are now willing to travel.
  3. A crucial factor is the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which caused global oil supply issues with resulting price increases in aviation fuel.
  4. Basic economics determines prices. With higher demand for international travel, ticket prices naturally increase.

Flexibility is the Name of the Game

Even though my head tells me to wait, I’m frustrated and disappointed when I keep seeing round-trip airfares to Italy continuing to hover at what I consider to be high prices. And usually, the posted price is only for the most basic service. For the option to select seats or checked luggage, the additional costs increase significantly.

I admit I’ve been a bit obsessed in checking prices nearly every day. Friends who travel often to Italy encourage me to be patient as they tell me it is still too early to book airfares.

I understand the airlines are still sorting things out and continue to deal with labor shortage issues and forced cancellations of routes and flights. This will likely continue into 2023. So I will wait before making plane reservations.

I also no longer travel without trip insurance, because a lot can change, and to know I have some protection, gives me peace of mind. Flexibility is the priority these days as travel is up in the air (no pun intended) and changes in schedules occur all the time.

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Seek Advice from Professionals

I recently talked with a good friend who lives in Italy. Victoria De Maio is a travel advisor and custom Italy Trip and Tour Designer, who created and manages PostcardZ from Victoria. I was curious about her take on the travel situation in Italy, and she indicated that travelers are definitely planning and booking vacations for next spring and even next fall. With so many changes taking place, a professional travel advisor can navigate these fluid situations better than the average traveler and steer them in the right direction when planning a trip to Italy.

I think you have to ask yourself this question. Is the time you spend travel planning worth the aggravation?  This may be exactly the time to leave it to the pros. To understand more, check out Victoria’s enlightening post, Why You Should Us a Travel Professional.

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“Regardless of the eventual ticket price, I will be going to Italy as planned with my granddaughters and I’m excited. We have had a good time making a few plans already, all cancellable, just to be on the safe side. If you’re interested, you can read about in a recent blog post, Italy Travel with Teens. Stay tuned as our plans develop.

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