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The Venice I Know audiobook

Narrated in my own voice, The Venice I Know is now an audiobook.  Listen to this 2 1/2- minute audio clip about food and drink in Venice, from chapter 4 of The Venice I Know.


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Audiobook - The Venice I Know
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Ranking as #1 in Venice Travel Guides on Amazon’s Hot New Releases, The Venice I Know is dedicated to the resilient people of Venice, whom I have come to know and love.

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What listeners are saying:

“The Venice I Know is this documentary-guidebook format of talking to the actual citizens of Venice, Italy. Of a people who juggle between the influx of tourists and cramped streets. But also of the many delightful places just waiting to be experienced in one of the most fascinating places on earth! An interesting concept and thereby an interesting book, of which the narration also kept me interested throughout. Definitely recommended if planning on celebrating being able to travel again and going to Venice, Italy!” – Audible UK review


You’ll have to read chapter 4 or listen to the book to learn more about the food and drink in Venice, and I guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t already know.


Venice Book Signing Margie Miklas

The Venice I Know is also available in paperback and Kindle versions.
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The Venice I Know by Margie Miklas

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