New Audiobook Release – The Venice I Know

The Venice I Know by Margie Miklas

June is National Audiobook Month, and I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book on Italy,  The Venice I Know, is now an audiobook, narrated in my own voice.

Click here to listen to a sample narrated in my own voice:

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Audiobook - The Venice I Know
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Ranking as #1 in Venice Travel Guides on Amazon’s Hot New Releases, The Venice I Know is dedicated to the resilient people of Venice, whom I have come to know and love.

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“When I came to Venice for the first time, I was spellbound but naïve. I hope what I’ve since learned about this incredible city colors my appreciation for the resilient people of this extraordinary place.”

An artist in Venice , Photo by Margie Miklas

“I never realized that an actual law exists that prohibits the use of bicycles by tourists inside the city. Unless you’re a resident or a child eight years old or younger, you can be fined €100, even if you’re just pushing a bike by hand. The only place you are allowed to cycle is on the Lido.”

Bicycle Italy (Pixabay)

“Vacations don’t always go smoothly, as anyone who travels on a frequent basis knows from experience. Flexibility and luck make a difference in the outcome, and for me, I consider these situations as lessons learned for the future. The other added benefit is they make for a good story after enough time has passed.”

You’ll have to read chapter 25 or listen to the book to find out more of these unplanned experiences in Venice, and I guarantee you a few laughs in these real-life stories.


Venice Book Signing Margie Miklas


The Venice I Know is also available in paperback and Kindle versions.
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The Venice I Know by Margie Miklas


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