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Hi everyone,

Since Americans aren’t able to travel to Italy due to the pandemic, as you might expect, I’ve focused on writing, and also, turning several of my books into audiobooks.


And I’m pleased to announce that my multi-award-winning medical thriller, A Cure for Deceit, has recently been released as an audiobook. Written by myself, it is narrated by professional voice actor Blair Seibert. It is available now on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. You can click here to listen to a sample before you buy:         https://www.audible.com/pd/A-Cure-for-Deceit-Audiobook/B093MPGNXJ


Audiobooks are the rage right now, and they are the fastest growing segment in book publishing, according to Edison Research. Chris Lynch, co-chair of the Audio Publishers Association’s Research Committee and President & Publisher of Simon & Schuster Audio, says “Eight straight years of double-digit revenue growth is simply phenomenal. Even more encouraging are the continued upward trends in consumer listening behavior – both in how many titles they listen to per year and in their finding more time in their day to listen.”

The most popular audiobook genre today is Mysteries/Thrillers/Suspense. If you haven’t already read A Cure for Deceit, you may not have heard that it won the Silver Award in the thriller category of the 2020 Royal Palm Literary competition from the Florida Writers Association.

“The thriller opens with a powerful hook: a situation of life or death in a hospital. It creates fear in the reader, since every person could face the same medical emergency with his or her life in the hands of medical professionals.”

In addition, A Cure for Deceit also won the Bronze Award in the 2020 Readers Favorite Competition in the thriller genre.

“Takes Off Like a Freight Train! I loved the book’s fast pace right out of the gate. I could not put it down. She writes with a reality that makes me hope I won’t be a hospital patient any time soon! The characters are vivid and believable. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.”

“A Cure for Deceit is a saga of medical intrigue that had me deeply engaged from page one. The characters, the setting and the clinical descriptions were all vividly reminiscent of the years I spent working in critical care units in a large teaching hospital. The struggles, at the bedside and beyond, are real.

Margie Miklas has the uncanny ability to put you in the “skin” of the main characters. You feel their passion, their pain, and their anguish as they make momentous decisions in the pursuit of excellence, integrity, and survival. The true heroes of medicine are those who care deeply. They are not only competent and compassionate, but also courageous. A Cure for Deceit introduces us to just such heroes.”

The Venice I Know is my latest Italy book, released in print and ebook formats in January of 2021, and the audiobook came it in April of 2021. If you haven’t already checked out this title, it’s available on Amazon and Audible. Click here to hear a sample before you purchase. https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Venice-I-Know-Audiobook/B08W6RJYMP

Thank you for all your support through my writing processes over the past ten years, beginning with my blog, Margie in Italy. I truly appreciate it. And one more thing, I must thank anyone who has ever left a comment, or a review (Reviews are golden and so appreciated by authors) Thank you so much. You, the readers, are who make writing so worthwhile. I am always open to feedback of any kind, so please don’t be a stranger.

Email me at margieeee49@gmail.com with plot ideas, typos you might find, writing questions, questions abut Italy, or anything else you might want to communicate. I promise I will reply. Speaking of plot ideas, I do plan on writing another medical thriller featuring Allison Jamison, hopefully in 2022. So let me hear those ideas!

Ciao and Thank you,


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  1. Doris Segal Matsunaga

    Congratulations on the book!
    Is Cure for Deceit set in Italy?
    I am a devotee of Donna Leon’s Venetian detective series.

    • margieinitaly

      Hi Doris. Thank you so much! I, too, am a fan of Donna Leon’s books. The setting for A Cure for Deceit is San Francisco, but I’m considering my next thriller to be set in Italy.

  2. dollygoolsby

    You are an amazing author. I am so inspired by your writing and your success. I am proud to be one of your followers, both as a fellow travel blogger and a fellow Italy lover.

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much, Dolly. I appreciate your kind words and support. How are you? Any travel plans coming up?


    Wow, that’s grate about your new upcoming audio books! that’s all I listen too! So that is wonderful news! Auguri, ci brava!! Claudio

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