New England Travel Memories

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New England fall foliage Along the Kancamagus Scenic Byway in the White Mountains, NH

During these uncertain times forcing many of us to restrict travel, I take comfort in looking at my photos from past years. Living in Florida, I find the one thing I miss about living up north is the change of seasons, especially the fall. I have always enjoyed visiting New England in October to enjoy the natural beauty of the fall foliage.

New England covered bridge Photo by Margie Miklas

These photos are from a trip I, and another friend, took to New Hampshire to visit our friend and former roommate from our days as Navy nurses fresh out of college during the early seventies. All three of us worked at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, now known as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Sound familiar? Those were the days, when we cared for Navy and Marine servicemen who had been air evac’d to the states with battle wounds from the jungles of Vietnam War. I learned a lot as a young nurse from those experiences.

New England fall colors Photo by Margie Miklas

My friend Doris was keen to show both Sue and me the White Mountains, which encompass approximately a quarter of the state as well as a bit of western Maine. As part of the northern Appalachian Mountains, these are known as the most rugged mountains in New England. These photos were taken exactly ten years ago and rekindle wonderful memories for me. Enjoy.

New England October fall foliage Photo by Margie Miklas

New England in the fall - Photo by Margie Miklas

I’m thinking what a beautiful destination for a writer to find inspiration. Don’t you agree?

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    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Debra. Your home in the Tuscan countryside is serene and beautiful. I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy it so much this year.

  1. KareninCalabria

    Such beautiful fall foliage! Living in Las Vegas, I, too, miss the seasons, but also the true green color, not to mention the humidity and fresh air walking through the woods in locations as captured in your photos. It’s another reason why travel is so important. My most recent memories of this are from the Sila National Park in Calabria, Italy and the redwood forest of Northern California.

    • margieinitaly

      Yes, Karen, your climate in Vegas is so much different. I agree wholeheartedly about the value of travel to places with various terrain and geography and weather patterns. Stay safe. Hoe your latest book is doing well.

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