A Cure for Deceit by Margie Miklas Wins Silver Award



It’s official! 

A Cure for Deceit  won a prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA).


The Florida Writers Association, Inc., (FWA) has announced that Margie Miklas’ winning entry, A Cure for Deceit, won the Silver award for Published Fiction, Thriller Genre.

RPLA Silver award A Cure for Deceit

The award was announced at FWA’s recent remote four-day annual conference. This annual competition, which received 549 submissions, was RPLA’s nineteenth.

2020 RPLA Silver Badge

I am thrilled and grateful to receive this honor from the Florida Writers Association! To be in the company of other award-winning authors seems surreal and I congratulate the others who also won awards.

Now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

“The thriller opens with a powerful hook: a situation of life or death in a hospital. It creates fear in the reader, since every person could face the same medical emergency with his or her life in the hands of medical professionals.”


What happens when a top surgeon begins to crack under stress in his personal life and patients start to die? A sudden spike in patient deaths drives an impassioned ICU nurse to launch a clandestine investigation, targeting a powerful cardiac surgeon whose corrupt connections could destroy her career.

Allison Jamison, an experienced intensive care nurse, becomes suspicious when a recent wave of major surgical complications results in unnecessary patient deaths. She enlists the professional expertise of her friend, Detective Mark Derning, whose interests include more than an investigative role. She can’t deny the attraction, but will her dreams be crushed by circumstances out of her control?

When her probe targets Dr. Gary Tamarino, the powerful, narcissistic chief of cardiothoracic surgery at San Francisco Bay Hospital, she encounters a staggering level of deceit and revenge while delving deep into his far-reaching web of corruption.

What readers are saying about A Cure for Deceit

“Miklas pulls the reader in with her inside knowledge of hospitals, healthcare administration, and the power behind teamwork in this delightful read…that motivates the reader’s interest to turn each page. I loved this book.”
~ Tina Clark ARNP

“Ms. Miklas has a knack for drawing the reader in with the first page! This book has it all: high suspense, life and death hospital drama, extortion, new takes on the battle between good and evil, and exceptional writing that will not let you go! I truly loved the book!”
~ Raleigh McDonald Hussung Italophile, cookbook author, @lovefromitalia

“A suspenseful thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. As a CVICU nurse practitioner I was impressed with the accurate portrayal of the hospital setting, making the story even more enjoyable.  I couldn’t wait to finish the book.”
~ Melonie Durkin APRN, MSN

“Once again, Miklas proves her explicit knowledge of the inner workings of the hospital and the nurses and doctors behind the scenes. Well described and realistic… the reader is transported to the frontlines of emergency thoracic care. A dramatic sequel to Critical Cover-Up, A Cure for Deceit will excite and entertain Miklas’ fans.”
~ Catie Costa, Author of Love on the Rocks: A Positano Tale

“A saga of medical intrigue that had me deeply engaged from page one. Margie Miklas has the uncanny ability to put you in the “skin” of the main characters. You feel their passion, their pain, and their anguish as they make momentous decisions in the pursuit of excellence, integrity, and survival.”
~ Paula Vetter RN, MSN, FNP

“A recently retired critical care nurse…the author impresses with accuracy and knowledge of medical terminology and procedures. As impressive are the sensory images and the distinct nature of casual and professional dialogue. Miklas keeps her chapters short, so don’t be daunted by 84 of them. The action will have you speedreading!”
~ Virginia Nygard, Award-winning author in multiple genres


This award-winning novel is a sequel to my first novel, Critical Cover-Up, and two of the original characters play major roles in this medical thriller, set in San Francisco.


A Cure for Deceit


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    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much, Stacy. Staying close to home and staying safe. Wishing you the best. Better days have to be ahead

  1. Pam Carey

    Congrats on the Silver Award for your new book, Margie! Wish there had been a FWA conference this year so we could have been together. Looking forward to reading your thriller!

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you, Pam. A real honor, for sure. I attended the virtual conference and thought it was great. Hopefully next year they can have the event in person…Stay safe and keep writing

  2. Bonnie Davis

    Nobody deserves it more. Loved the book and thought of an interesting plot point for the next one. There will be a next one, right? !

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks my friend. I’d love any ideas on a plot point, since I haven’t begun writing the next one, but you are correct. A third novel is on the agenda, hopefully for 2021. Please email me with your ideas.

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you very much, Sheri. An author always loves to hear those words. Yes, another will will be coming….stay tuned.

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