Italy Photo of the Day – Venice

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View of St Mark's Square from above Photo by Margie Miklas

Beneath us is the beautiful Piazza san Marco, and I can also see far beyond it. So many red rooftops create a sea of buildings, and the panoramic views of Venice are more than I could ever hope to see. The people in the square look so tiny, and look so do all those chairs line up in such symmetrical fashion.The rows of tables and chairs at the outdoor cafès in the square are in perfect order. From this area inside the top of the campanile, we see different views from the windows on all sides. 

Have you been to the top of St. Mark’s bell tower in Venice?

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Ciao and grazie

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6 Responses

  1. Butch

    We enter in saint marco square and the girl walking in front of us burst into a ballet dance. She had her moment and it brought a tear to your eye.

  2. Dolly

    I have been to the top of the Bell Tower. Venice is a magical city. Mysterious, with all the little streets that end abruptly, or take you to another magical area you haven’t seen before and will be hard-pressed to find it again. Yes. I do love Venice

  3. Bonnie Davis

    Very exotic indeed. Sometimes I think we would all be nicer to each other if we realized how tiny and fragile we really are. It is good to remember that visual from time to time. As always, Margie’s post teaches us on different levels. Good to know.

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