New Audiobook ~ My Love Affair with Sicily


I’m pleased to announce that MY LOVE AFFAIR with SICILY is now also available as an audiobook!

Available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Narrated by me, you’ll be able to listen to my voice as I recount experiences in this true story, with passion and love for my ancestors’ homeland.

One reader put it this way:

“I found myself gripped by the refreshingly personal narrative delivered through the author’s eyes, as she reconnects with her family roots. The author’s engaging style wins you over and you get a clear sense of the natural warmth of the Sicilian people which for me is the overriding attraction of Sicily.”



It’s definitely time to celebrate with some prosecco or vino! Or maybe some Sicilian NERO D’AVOLA!



My Love Affair with Sicily is  available on Amazon in both editions, the Kindle version as well as the paperback.

A huge hug and grazie mille to all of you for your continued support! You have helped spur me on to complete this journey. Who knows where it will end?

Grazie a tutti!

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