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Largo di Torre in Rome is an archaeological site of four temples that lie sunken 20 feet below modern street level.  It’s home to over one hundred cats that are cared for by loving volunteers. I visited this amazing place during my last trip to Rome.

Have you ever been to Torre Argentina, the cat sanctuary in Rome?

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  1. Paula

    I’ve been there too. It was in 2012, on my first trip to Italy. I stumbled across it one day when I was out exploring on my own, read up and went back later to see it again. It is also supposed to be the place where Julius Caesar was killed (Curia Pompeiana). “The site of the murder sits under the Teatro Argentina, an 18th century Opera house that overlooks the Largo di Torre Argentina, an ancient home of 4 temples currently being reconstruction and current home of Rome’s stray cat population…” From website Rome is such a fascinating place!

  2. Ronald Margherio

    Fortunate to live in Rome for 3 years. Often visited the Largo di Torre Argentina. In my day there was an old woman who daily fed the cats. Campo de’Fiori nearby and some wonderful restaurants and small hotels.

  3. Bonnie Davis

    Only in Italy can you visit an ancient site of archeology and pet a cat. I’ll bet there is not a mouse to be found in the entire country.

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks for sharing Marla. Great post! Glad we can connect.

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