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Coliseum in Rome photo Margie Miklas

Rome’s ancient Coliseum glows at twilight as the sun filters between its open windows. No filters needed here. So many memories from the Eternal City. Longing to return.

What is your favorite memory of Rome?

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7 Responses

  1. Albert Annunziata

    One of my favorite memories are from my very first trip ever out of the USA, a religious pilgrimage to Rome -Florence-Assisi in November, 1998 sponsored by Holy Innocents Church, Pleasantville NY. I was 45 years old…relatively late in life to travel abroad and to my ancestral home of Italy! We were staying at the Hotel Quirinale on the Via Nazionale. Wonderfull, classic hotel with friendly, attentive staff and an impressive lobby and a grand piano. One rainy day I asked the hotel manager if I could avail myself of the piano “Per favore, posso suonare il pianoforte?” I was met with a most enthusiastic “Certo” and “Prego”.
    I played several Neapolitan and Italian songs, which immediately struck a chord (pun intended) with the people in the lobby.
    Men and women come up to me, many with tears in their eyes, asking me in Italian: “How is it that you know all these wonderful songs? These are the melodies of our youth!”. I only wish my command of Italian was better, but I thanked them and said that it was music from my childhood as well. I will never forget the looks of surprise, nostalgia and deep appreciation in the eyes of those wonderful people. It made me feel good to have made them feel good, even for a little while.

    • margieinitaly

      Albert, Thank you so much for sharing this unforgettable memory…What a beautiful experience. I’m sure those Italians are still talking about it today… I do hope you and the rest of us can return again to Italy one day soon .

  2. Marie Higgins

    Each time that I was in Rome, it overwhelmed me with it’s abundance of everything. People, art, beauty, noise etc. It all comes at you at once. And after you leave, you realize and are so surprised at how deep it all has stayed in your heart. The memories and love for it keeps drawing you back with such a desire. I can’t wait to go again. Aaah Roma!

    • margieinitaly

      I love how you expressed the feeling, Marie. You’re so right. That sense dwells deep inside the heart. Grazie

  3. Sue El Shewy

    I just love the whole buzz of the city to say nothing of its history! ❤

    • margieinitaly

      How can anyone not love all Rome has to offer? Thank you so much

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