Where to Find the Best Pizza in Naples

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Pizza maker in Napoli - Margie-Miklas

In the trendy neighborhood of Vomero, high above the historic center of Naples, I find Gorizia Pizzeria, the oldest pizzeria in this part of the city. Established by Salvatore Grasso in 1916, this landmark prides itself on creating the same quality of pizza since its opening.  As the young pizzaiolo inserts a pizza into the hot oven, I notice the flaming fire inside as well as the rack of firewood at his feet.

Authentic Pizza Napoletana must be baked in a wood-fired oven at an average temperature of 800° Fahrenheit. These high cooking temperatures create “leopard spots,” small dime-sized spots on the end crust, as well as “char,” a slightly blackened crust bottom. Both distinct features are evidence of a true Neapolitan pizza, and my Margherita pizza meets the criteria. Delizioso!

Have you had an authentic margherita pizza in Napoli?

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  1. Karen Neary

    Yes, I have had margherita pizza in Naples–and I love it! Is Gorizia Pizzeria not far from the Galleria? The pizzeria I used to eat at was the best with outside tables and wonderful pizza. I’m not sure if it was the Gorizia Pizzeria or not.

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Karen. Gorizia Pizza is up the hill in the Vomero area

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