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Attention audiobook lovers!

A travel audiobook that captures the allure of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, as Margie Miklas takes us on a journey of personal experiences through storytelling. This audiobook reveals a more personal side of the author, and the final section relates what happens in her most recent trip to the Amalfi Coast, a trip she shares for the first time, with the love of her life. Romance is in the air. You’ll feel as if you are traveling on Italy’s southern coast.

Audiobook My Amalfi Coast Love Affair

The wait is over. My audiobook has arrived. Available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video and listen to a sample from my new audiobook.

Let me know what you think!


Also available in paperback and digital formats.

Available now

My Amalfi Coast Love Affair by Margie MiklasYou’ll feel as if you are traveling beside me on Italy’s southern coast. Sharing personal experiences, in no particular order, I relate real stories about my travels to this alluring location. You’ll read about charming villages, adventurous hikes, traditional cuisine, transportation options, shopping opportunities, and unforgettable local people.

Grazie and Ciao


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  1. Un po' di pepe

    Complimenti! This may be the closest we can get to travelling for the near future! I actually listened to my first audio book a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. it was a book I had already read, but I liked being read to. The only problem–it was so relaxing, I think I nodded off a few times (oops!) and missed a some bits. Ciao, Cristina

    • margieinitaly

      I imagine if it lulls you to sleep and it’s a travel book, it’s good. Now if it’s a thriller, that’s another story!

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