La Passeggiata – An Italian Lifestyle

The first time I visited Italy I was naive and had no clue about  the Italian lifestyle known as la passeggiata. As I sat on a bench in Campo San Barnaba in Venice, and  listened to accordion music,  I sipped my Coca Cola Light, Italy’s version of Diet Coke. I didn’t realize la passeggiata surrounded me. I noticed this around 5pm, when suddenly the streets appeared  much more crowded with people, including students and lots of mothers with baby strollers.

This phenomenon, part of the Italian lifestye, really does happen every day in Italy, in every city and town. People  stroll around the piazzas and streets eating gelato, singing, talking, walking their dogs. Children are running around and laughing. Everyone seems happy, and nobody appears to be in a hurry. This is one of Bella Italia’s best lifestyles.

Have you experienced la passeggiata? I’d love to hear about your experiences, so please leave a comment.

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  1. Anonymous

    My wife and I found ourselves in the midst of a passeggiata one lovely warm October evening along the city walls in Lucca. We were picnicking with a bottle of wine and some Tuscan cheese, and many large groups of people strolled by slowly and amiably — often arrayed entirely in black clothing, middle-aged men in the front murmuring lackadaisically with their hands clasped behind their backs, followed by larger groups of women smiling and nodding their heads and pointing and poking fun a bit, I don’t doubt, at the men.

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much for taking time to read my blog and leave a comment. I am thrilled you and your wife had a chance to experience one of Italy’s oldest traditions in the passeggiata!

  2. Ravin kumar

    I love Italian lifestyle. Love this article, such a amazing blog post. They are very helpful article. This sounds is so great. Thanks for sharing your information.

  3. stellalucentellc

    I had a lovely stroll on the boardwalk of Ragusa Marina when we visited Sicily last September. Almost no American tourists, just Italians, many dressed to the nines, strolling casually along. My American friend Jerry refused to believe they weren’t going anywhere. He insisted they must all be going to a restaurant or waiting until a table opened at a restaurant, or going home after eating in a restaurant. To be fair, on one side was the Mediterranean Sea and across the street were many restaurants filled with customers eating dinner at 9 PM. So, maybe they were taking their walk before driving home in their car after eating in a restaurant…

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Kathy…I think your experience in Ragusa speaks to the Italian lifestyle, where fashion is part of their DNA.

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