My Amalfi Coast Love Affair – Experiences in Positano


I often hear from my readers they wish I included photos in my books. The fact is… photographs typically do not show up well in paperback books. So I’ve decided to post some excerpts and the accompanying Amalfi Coast photos to match. Enjoy.

From My Amalfi Coast Love Affair

My Amalfi Coast Love Affair by Margie Miklas

An excerpt from

Chapter 2     Experiences in Positano



Positano is a walking town, and only local shuttle buses can navigate the streets here as they are so steep and have endless turns. To really explore Positano, the experience begins at the top where the buses must drop everyone off, and the rest of the way is on foot. I’m in my glory here, taking photos every few hundred feet and shooting every angle possible.


Memories from the 2003 movie Under the Tuscan Sun flash into my mind as the road seems familiar, and I try to recognize the balcony that might have been Marcello’s apartment and the location of that fateful scene when Diane Lane’s character, Frances, learns he has another woman. I later learn that the filming location is one of the balconies of Hotel California, on Via Cristoforo Colombo.


Cars are sandwiched incredibly close to one another along the edge of this narrow two-way street. I wonder how their drivers manage to leave their parking places without hitting the vehicles in front of or behind them.


Most of the autos sport numerous dents and dings, and I smile as I realize the way of life here precludes worry about the care and feeding of a car.


Pedestrians are walking in the street, even though sidewalks are available, and the pace meets the criterion for slow, as if everyone is enjoying the lifestyle.



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  1. swati@oyo rooms shimla

    If you ever been to Amalfi coast then don’t miss to visit Kayak to Private Cove. The place is hidden from the plain view. You can find complete solitude here even in the month of August which is the busiest one.

  2. dollygoolsby

    I love your pictures of the Amalfi Coast. I know how difficult it is to put pictures into a paperback book. However, your words describe the Amalfi Coast so well, I can picture it in my mind as I read. I thank you, though, for these lovely blog posts with pictures.

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you so much, Dolly. While I would love to include them in my book, it’s just not feasible. I figured this is the next best thing. Hope you are enjoying your trip. It certainly sounds like it! Have a glass of vino for me!

  3. Travel Gourmet

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful part of the world; just a stunning area. It’s years since I was there but I think we stayed in Praiano, just down the road from Positano. It’s pretty nerve racking driving along that coast though! 🙂

    • margieinitaly

      Hi. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your perspective. I agree about the Amalfi Coast road drive, but the more times I’ve experienced it, the less nerve-wracking it has become. I even drove it myself once, but only from Salerno to Maiori and back. Praiano seems like a nice little town. I have only seen the presepe there along the road. I do hope you can find a ay to return one day soon.

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