Only in Italy



Only in Italy Photo by margie Miklas


After reviewing some of the tens of thousands of photos I have taken in Italy, a few interesting ones make me laugh and say, “Only in Italy.” Two things prompted me to take each photo. One  is that I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before.  And two is that the subject is so quintessentially Italian, I had to photograph it.  Some are unusual and some are just cute.


Only in Italy Photo by Margie Mikas

I came across this scene on the streets of Siena on Easter Sunday. A crowd was around watching until the wolf stopped moving and stood still like a statue.


Only in Italy Photo by Margie Miklas


When I saw one of these condom vending machines on the streets of Rome.I was shocked the first time.  For a country that is 98% Catholic this is more than interesting. Really, though, every city has these on the streets.


Only in Italy Photo by Margie Miklas


I love these tiny trucks. They are called “Apes.” I thought they only existed in Italy, but now I’ve learned they are in many other countries as well. You’d be out of luck as a driver if you were tall or overweight though!



Only in Italy Photo by Margie Miklas


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chandelier delivered like this. The narrow streets of Ravello make this the only way to accomplish this task.


On;y in Italy Photo by Margie Miklas


Keeping the city of Milan safe. These military police mean business, and they don’t allow you to take their photos. I captured this one from behind.



So many situations meet the criteria for “Only in Italy,” These are just a few photos I thought you’d enjoy.


Only in Italy


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10 Responses

  1. karenincalabria

    I’ve seen those machines in many Ladies Rooms, too. I remember one of the things that struck me at first, especially in Rome, was the number of clergy you’d see doing normal things. But I’ve gotten used to seeing nuns on cell phones and stores that sell garments for priests.
    It’s a shame that we’ve gotten away from hanging laundry outside. In my father’s condo in Florida, the rules don’t allow hanging towels on the balconies…

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Karen. I love that laundry outside in Italy. Yes, you’re right. Many condo communities have a lot of restrictions

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Karen for commenting…Yes I know a lot of gated communities and condos here in Florida do not allow laundry outside. I have a clothesline outside on my back patio and use it every day. Keep up all your wonderful posts. I really enjoy them

  2. Bonnie Davis

    Bonnie D. back again, I love the laundry, brings it down to homebodies. Our tourist areas (Florida, USA) are devoid of human sign after 5 pm and before the bar scene begins. I like knowing that locals are taking care of their households and living their lives in Italy.

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you so much Bonnie, for your comments I always love your perspective

  3. Bonnie D.

    I live in the most liberal, immoral country in the world and have never seen a condom machine outside of a males only bathroom in a bar. (Clean up your mind, I was scrubbing toilets in my mother’s bar). Since the schools and health department pass out free condoms and birth control pills as well, I doubt any machines on the streets would garner much of an income.

    Goldilocks and the Wolf is an interesting form of street art. Coconut Grove, Fl had a lot of street art but never saw something like this. In regards the truck. It looks like it is on a golf cart chasis. Is it a custom job or did you see more? I wish you would have put your camera case or something of known size next to it to get the full impact. The gate could be between six feet and eight, making the truck liliputian in size. Veddy interesting. Did clowns come out of it? (giggle)

    You really give us a lot to think about in these posts, thank you very much. We “stay at homes” enjoy our travels thru the eyes of our friends.

  4. Debra Kolkka

    Italy is a catholic country but it now picks and chooses what it want to follow. It has the lowest birthrate in western Europe, so it would appear that birth control is being practiced far and wide. Very few people actually attend church these days and most priests and nuns have to be imported . I think it is great that these condom vending machines are around. We have them in Australia too.

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