People of the Amalfi Coast


Meet Pasquale and Maria from Maiori. They are special people of the Amalfi Coast.

Ceramica L’Arte Vietrese greets me with its colorful storefront, and its partially open door beckons me to step inside. A huge selection of hand-painted vases, plates, mugs, tabletops, statues, pots, and more fills the floors and walls of this family-run shop. All the ceramics are made by hand by skilled artisans in Vietri, ten kilometers from here, and the prices as well as the products and selection are excellent.

Pasquale, the owner, greets me with a gracious smile and inviting voice. “Welcome! Please come in and look around. Perhaps you’ll see something you like.” He’s a big man with jet-black hair and brown eyes, and I spend a lot of time conversing with him in English, since he demonstrates such excellent English language skills. During our conversation, he takes time to translate for his petite, pretty wife, Maria. He introduces her, and I speak Italian as much as I can so she is included in the conversation. I take an instant liking to this couple. Not only do they treat me well as a customer, but as a human being. Both of them are so personable, and from the respectful way Pasquale speaks of and treats his wife, he reveals that he has great honor and love for her. Engaging with them and enjoying the interaction tempts me to want to stay here and just hang out. I buy a few inexpensive ceramic items I need for gifts, and then I cannot resist buying one more piece for myself.

A family-operated business like this illuminates an appealing aspect of the culture of the Amalfi Coast and its people. The combined qualities of beauty and initiative inspire me and renew my love for this southern stretch of Italian coastline. I will definitely return here before I leave Maiori, at least to say goodbye to Pasquale and his lovely wife.

~ Excerpt from My Amalfi Coast Love Affair, available now.


What readers are saying about My Amalfi Coast Love Affair

Ms. Miklas brings the earthy life alive in this newly published adventure in reading. I especially appreciated how this writing gave a sense of being there while enjoying reading in bits and savoring the views. I also laughed aloud with the down to earth experiences that could happen to any one of us.

Miklas has a talent for taking the reader by the hand and leading them on a journey. She weaves a tale over a decade in the making, using her words as photographs. Through her vision, you experience the sheer magnificence and wonder of the Amalfi coast. Her love of every stone step and person there comes through page after page.

Margie Miklas presents a picturesque depiction of the Amalfi Coast luring the reader to join in on this love affair. From start to finish I traveled in my mind alongside the author imagining the sights, smells and tastes of one delectable experience after another.

Margie Miklas writes from her heart and soul. While providing much valuable practical information on “must see” locations, she makes the reader fall in love with this very special place through her vivid and heartfelt portrayal of her multiple travel experiences here.

My Amalfi Coast Love Affair book cover Photo by Margie Miklas

The people of the Amalfi Coast  left indelible memories with me. Have you had similar experiences on the Amalfi Coast? I’d love to hear about them, so please leave a comment and share your story with me.

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  1. Bonnie Davis

    I’m loving this book. It reads like a novel with the chief character as Italy and Margie as its mirror. Margie obviously adores Almalfi coastal cities. She really brings alive the scenes she views and absorbs. You’ll love it too.

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