The Gift of Positano

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Positano Photo by Margie MiklasIf you told me I could click my heels three times and I’d be in Positano, I wouldn’t have to think about it. My answer would be “Yes, please, right now.”  Since I don’t live in a fantasy land and this isn’t a movie, the reality is I can’t be in Positano whenever I wish.

Positano - Photo by Margie MiklasSure, I have my unforgettable memories from my eight trips to this magical place on the Amalfi Coast. I have hundreds of photos to refresh my memory in visual detail.

I have made-in-Italy ceramics, scarves, sandals, and art I bought while I was in Positano. Did I mention I even bought a jigsaw puzzle?

But this week I received a piece of Positano as a gift I never expected, through the random kindness of a fellow blogger and published author. I first met Lois Patton as she was leaving her writers’ workshop group at the same time I was arriving at my writers’ guild meeting, coincidentally held in the same space. I liked her immediately, especially her smile and positive attitude about life. I had heard she was an excellent writer.

Lois has also been to Italy and shares a love for travel. In the past couple of years, Lois has been very supportive of my writing, commenting on my blog, and she has purchased my books too. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Once she gave me a gift of beautiful note cards created by her artistic husband, Ralph Patton. Eight different images of colorful flowers were reproduced from Ralph’s original pastel paintings. I thought they were gorgeous and recognized his talent immediately, although I had never met him.

Pastel note cards Art by Ralph Patton Photo by Margie MiklasRecently Lois contacted me and asked if I would mind if her husband used one of my Italy photos as inspiration for a painting. How honored was I to hear this? “Of course,” I said. “It would be my privilege.” Lois went on to explain that Ralph no longer exhibits his paintings at art shows, but he still enjoys painting. And then she told me that I should choose a favorite photo and he would paint it for me, as a gift. And I had never even met this man!

So, it didn’t take me long to decide on a photo, and I chose this one of Positano.

Positano Photo by Margie MiklasI shot this last October when I was in Positano for two weeks to write. I love the view from a road in the upper part of the town.

When I arrived at the library today, a perfect choice to meet, I thought, Lois and Ralph were waiting.

Ralph and Lois Patton Photo by Margie MiklasAfter the introductions, I could not believe my eyes when Lois unveiled Ralph’s stunning work of art. I expected an 8×10 sized painting size, or possibly 11×14. But what she presented me was much larger, a work of art that measures 12×20, matted 20×27. And it was absolutely perfect, so detailed.

Positano painting by Ralph Patton photo by Margie MiklasI thought the medium was pastels, but when I asked Ralph, he told me he used colored pencils  for this piece of art. Now I understand how he was able to create such intricate detail.

I know exactly where this painting will hang in my home, as soon as I have it framed. And everyone who visits will see it when they enter my house.

I thought of waiting to publish this post until I have the painting framed and hanging, but I didn’t want to delay this post. I wish I could steer you to a website or social media page of Ralph Patton’s, but he no longer promotes his artwork. He now does it for the sheer pleasure.

Margie Miklas and Ralph Patton with painting- Photo by Lois PattonRalph, you have provided me with so much joy from this personal gift of your creativity. I will be forever grateful and will share it with everyone.

When I hang the framed work in my home, I will add an addendum here so you can see the completed beautiful Positano work of art by Ralph Patton in its permanent place of honor.

Addendum: I now have the beautiful painting hanging in my home where I am transported back to my favorite place in Italy every single day, thanks to the magic of Ralph’s artistic talents.

A Gift of Positano Photo by Margie Miklas What do you think? I absolutely love it!

Grazie mille dal fondo del mio cuore. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.











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  1. Christa Polkinhorn

    Thanks, Margie, for this fascinating post. And what a beautiful gift this painting is! Italy is one of my favorite countries as well. I particularly love the regions of Piedmont and Tuscany, And since I can’t be there all the time either (right now I live in California), I place or send the characters of my novels there!

    • Margie Miklas

      That is wonderful, Christa!!!! I will check out your books for sure….And I hope you’ll get back to Italy soon…Airfares are low right now and I hope they stay there for a while….

  2. Pamela Carey

    What a beautiful and thoughtful remembrance of friendship! Will soon be back at our house in Mass., where our two oil paintings of Positano hang. We treasure our annual trips to Ischia, coming soon in June.

    • Margie Miklas

      I’m sure you do, Pam….I envy you going back to Ischia…I’ll get there one of these trips..also Procida!!! So beautiful…Buon viaggio…Thanks for sharing

  3. Tony

    What an awesome gift, very well done, I love it! Your photos are amazing too…can’t wait to see some of these sites for myself in just a couple of weeks!

  4. suzette008

    What a lovely connection you made with Lois, and Ralph’s painting is just beautiful!!

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