Why I Love Italy

Vietri sul Mare on Amalfi Coast Photo by Margie Miklas

When someone asks me why I love Italy, I can’t believe they even have to ask. All you have to do is see a few photos and your heart will melt at the sheer beauty of this amazing country.

But it’s not just the beauty, the rugged coastlines, the verdant green hillsides in Tuscany, the diverse architectural styles, the delicious food, or  its many iconic monuments. No, it’s the people that really make this country special, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet many special Italians during my eight trips to Italy these past ten years. A smile from an elderly gentleman, a wave from a cyclist, a handshake from a vendor, and an invitation to join them for lunch are just a few memories I have from my visits to Italy.

So sit back and enjoy these photographic memories and travel vicariously  back to Italy with me.

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Now the destinations are impressive too, like these…]/=

Portofino harbor

Photo by Margie Miklas
Carrara Marble Quarries
Pescallo on Lake Como Photo by Margie Miklas
Pescallo on Lake Como
Photo by Margie Miklas
Varenna on Lake Como
St Peter's Basilica Photo by Margie Miklas
St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican
Photo by Margie Miklas
The beach at Cefalu`
Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal Photo by Margie Miklas
Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal
Temples at Selinunte Photo by Margie Miklas
Temples at Selinunte

These are just a sampling of reasons why I love Italy.  Check out my previous blog posts for more stories and photos all over Italy.

Why do you love Italy? I’d love to know, and you don’t have to choose just one reason. So please leave a comment and share your own reasons for loving Italy.

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Memoirs of a Solo Traveler - My Love Affair with ItalyMy Love Affair with Sicily Photo by Margie Miklas








27 Responses

  1. Andrea

    I love Italy too! I am from New Orleans Louisiana but my heart is in Italy.

  2. Monika

    I visited Italy for the first time, when I was at the age of 10 in 1994, since that time I traveled to Italy every year two-three times for a week, even if I travel to other countries, Italy remained deep in my heart and I always have to come back there regulary. I love all of Italy, country, sea, people food…and everything…
    When I am not able to visit it more then several months I miss Italy as you miss people.
    I had also 3 years realationship with Italian man from northern Italy…it was great time.
    Italy is my passion. I am love with Italy 🙂

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your perspective, Monika. I see we have much in common, with a deep love for Italia. So glad you get to visit often. Grazie

      • Terry

        Love Italy and Italians , much love to the country , from English people who have visited Calabria and we wanted to let you all know we love you all, please keep safe, you are all wonderful people!!

  3. Tony

    Great post! It’s so much more than the beauty, the history, the food, the language and the people…for me it’s my past, my present and maybe someday my future home as well. It is this overwhelming feeling of joy and connectedness I feel when I am there…that is why I love Italy!

  4. Annmarie

    I have thought long and hard to understand the incredible way Italy enthralls us. It would be puerile to simply reduce it to a few throw-away words. All the common themes of course. The natural beauty, the history, the sun, the food, the relaxed lifestyle, the social rhythms of Italian life etc. But underlying it all, I am captivated and repeatedly seduced with the confidence & dignity of the Italians. They have the unabashed desire and the ability to look deep into your eyes and see your soul, and allow you to do the same to them. Thereby establishing a higher level of integral human connection than any other society I have experienced. My knees go weak.
    Thank you Margie for making me pause again to realise this delicious rapture in me.

    • margieinitaly

      Annmarie, Your thoughts and words are so meaningful. Thank you for sharing your personal perspective. I couldn’t have said it better!

      • Annmarie

        Thanks Margie! After I posted it, I thought I may have been a little too impassioned to get the message across. I still wonder. Then I remember the video on TV of the funeral cars lining up one at a time in Lampedusa to collect the many dead bodies of the people who had died trying to cross the sea last winter. One car with driver and one new wooden coffin each to carry them on their last journey for last rites. So much more love & dignity shown them than the thieves who charged them such exorbitant price for the dangerously crammed boat passage. It still haunts me.

  5. Debra Kolkka

    I think Italy has more beautiful things per square inch than any other country. The people are great, the food is excellent…what more could you want?

  6. Lee Laurino

    everything said is true but the sheer thrill of life in Italy makes it almost impossible to select the place I want to live in! so each trip will include as many visits to new places as possible. take me Home to Italy!

      • hometoitaly

        Perhaps a trip around the entire coast of Italy to find the best water front town then criss crossing from the north to the south………………that should take the next 10 years


    Marg You Make Me Proud to Be a Sicilian and Once Again You have Made me Smile with such Magnificent views of Italia….

    Besides You know that I’ll Always have you Covered…


  8. Emily Galea

    Margie, I can honestly say “I knew you when…….”. Love your travelogue. Parts of Italy remind me of Malta except for the greenery. There is very little on our island.

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