Sailing in Sicily Around Taormina

Sailing in Taormina, Sicily photo by Margie MiklasWho hasn’t dreamed of sailing around Sicily? A few months ago, at the end of my Sicilian road trip with Victoria De Maio as #2SicilianGals,  I had the opportunity to enjoy the scenic coast of  Taormina from the Ionian Sea on a beautiful 42-foot sailboat.

Victoria De Maio and Margie Miklas Taormina Photo by Margie MiklasMargie and Victoria (#2SicilianGals)

Thanks to the  generosity of Simona Ferro from Tripping Sicily,  this day of sailing around Taormina was a highlight of my trip in Sicily.

Simona Ferro from Tripping Sicily Photo by Margie MiklasSimona Ferro, Owner of  Tripping Sicily

Simona’s company provides personal custom luxurious cruises on yachts and sailboats, Jeep expeditions to Etna, wine tastings and cooking classes, and much more. It was after reading about this excursion on the blog, White Almond  Sicily, by Sarah Kearney, that prompted me to dream about experiencing Taormina from the vantage point of the Ionian Sea.

Victoria and I  were ready for some R&R after driving through Sicily on a fun  whirlwind 10-day road trip. Having only interacted with Sarah and Simona online, this day we would finally meet in person in Sicilia!

The very accommodating and friendly Sarah offered to arrange a car and very attractive driver to “collect” us (as Sarah says – she’s British) at our hotel in Taormina and whisk us off to the nearby port of Giardini-Naxos.

TGiardini-Naxos group at port. Photo by Margie MiklasAt the port in Giardini-Naxos ~
Margie,  Don Nunzio, Vincenzo, Victoria, Simona, and Sarah

We thought this was great, as we had navigated enough narrow streets by this time, and our car was safely tucked away in the hotel parking garage. Thank you, Sarah.

When Sarah arrived, her smile immediately created  a sense of friendship, as if we had already known each other. Did I mention that the driver from Franco Group was a drop-dead gorgeous guy named Vincenzo? He  looked as if he walked straight out of GQ magazine!

Vincenzi and Sarah - Photo by Sarah Kearney
Photo by Sarah Kearney

Once on the sailboat, I also met Adriana Bosurgi from Kimi Sicilian Gourmet. Little did I know that she would treat us to her very own specialty “Sicilian comfort food in a jar.”

Kimi Sicilian Gourmet Photo by Kimi Sicilian GourmetAlong with some delicious prosecco, we enjoyed a variety of these delights like pate di caponata, pistacchio, and sundried tomatao served on bread, bruschetta!  Absolutely delicious!

Adriana Bosurgi photo by Margie MiklasAlthough I have had few sailing experiences, I love being on the open water and feeling the wind against my face. This fabulous sailboat was a 42-foot Sun Odyssey, Carolina,  owned by Maria Letizia and Giovanni Musmeci, and they were both there as well. What nice people!

Maria Letizia pouring prosecco while sailing in Taormina Photo by Margie MiklasMaria Letizia pouring prosecco…This is the luxury lifestyle!

photo by Margie MiklasWe had such a wonderful time listening to stories and learning about the history  of Taormina from Simona and Adriana, who have both lived here for most of their lives.

Sailing in Taormina Photo by Margie MiklasSailing in Taormina Photo by Margie MiklasSimona, Adriana, Margie, and Giuseppe

Photo by Margie MiklasAdriana serving her specialty gourmet food for us

Photo by Margie MiklasAlthough it was cloudy, it was a great day on the sea.

Photo by Margie MiklasMargie, Victoria, and Sarah

And if this wasn’t enough, the next day, Simona picked us up and drove us to Villa Britannia, a boutique, historic, restored B&B, where we met the owners, Louisa Vittorio and her partner Marco.  Here we had more food of course and toured the lovely property where Louisa hosts cooking classes and wine tastings.

Photo by Margie MiklasAdriana, Louisa, and Simona

Photo by Margie MiklasAdriana, Louisa, Margie, and Simona

The property is beautiful, and the location and view are amazing.

Photo by Villa Britannia
Photo by Villa Britannia
hoto by Villa Britannia
Photo by Villa Britannia

I’ll never forget these wonderful friends I made those two days in Sicily. They made me feel at home, and that’s what Sicilians are all about. Grazie mille for a wonderful time that I will always remember! I hope to return soon!

Photo by Margie Miklas

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Grazie and Ciao

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My Love Affair with Sicily Photo by Margie Miklas











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  1. Gene Hull

    Margie. Looks wonderful. Love the pics. Thanks, Gene


  2. Anne Pflug

    Your stories about Sicily remind me of my time spent there. I spent a week in Taormina – photos attached and then a week in Palermo. Our hotel was high up with gorgeous views of the sea ; we had to take a funicular ( slanted train to get to the bottom). Mt. Etna was beautiful and we enjoyed day there. As for Sail boating, I do that in Camden, Maine. I, also, love the sound of the wind through the sails and the peace of sailing.


  3. stellalucentellc

    Looks like it was such fun! I guess you are still having a “Love Affair with Sicily!” I recommend to all my friends they read your book before their trip to Sicily the way I did.


    Marg its Really Nice to see Both You & Victoria Enjoying Sicily this way while Looking Gorgeous doing so…

    Besides You Both Always Seem to Know What to Do To Make Me Smile…and indeed you have Today with these Magnificent shots of Taormina as you two Sail around the area…

    infatti una vista mozzafiato di una casa, porta la pace al mio cuore e io sono molto grato….


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