Will Italy Say Si or No to Matteo Renzi’s Referendum?

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Today is election day in Italy and in a few hours Italians will go to the polls to cast their votes.  Will they say si or no to Matteo Renzi’s referendum to  streamline the parliament?  Voting begins today at 07:00 Italy time and ends at 23:00, with results expected early on Monday.

The youngest Prime Minister in Italy’s history, the former mayor of Florence was only 39 years old when he was sworn as prime Minister in  22 February 2014. He is considered left of center and has been a controversial figure in Italy especially as of late.

The referendum is a Yes or No vote to reduce the size of government in Italy.  Currently the Italian legislature consists of 950 members, and under Renzi’s plan, would be cut by two-thirds. From the recent 60 Minutes interview with Charlie Rose :

Charlie Rose: U.S. has 435 members of the House, and 100 members of the Senate.

Matteo Renzi: In Italy, the number are 630 in the Chamber, and in the Senate 315.

A “yes” vote would reduce the Senate to 100 members who would be appointed and not elected. Renzi believes the change is needed because the Senate is the graveyard of legislation in Italy.”

Renzi has also  threatened to resign  if the referendum does not pass. Many believe that his future as Italy’s prime minister is doomed regardless of the vote.

What do you think of this? I’d love to hear  your opinion so please leave a comment. I am especially interested to hear the opinions from Italians who have the opportunity to vote on this referendum.

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Addendum : Sunday night 2300 US time. The verdict is in. Italy voted no…read the story here. Italy votes no and Renzi resigns. 











19 Responses

  1. Frank

    Why would the Italian government want to be top heavy, with so many politicians. Oversized government is not the answer, just weighs down the process and nothing gets accomplished.

    It makes no sense either to appoint one hundred senators, that can favor one party. Election of politicans only way the people have any say who is going to serve and represent them in government.

  2. orna2013

    Gosh Margie. Streamlining the Senate sounds like a good idea, but everywhere I go people are telling me they’re voting NO.

  3. Un po' di pepe

    I mailed in my vote last week. I tried to do as much research as possible, but it was really hard. I don’t think either result will lead to a good outcome☹️

  4. Bonnie Davis

    I have been following this situation and I don’t think it will fly. But if it does, I don’t think he will retire. First it is nearly impossible to get rid of government jobs and second it is even more impossible to get rid of politicians.

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Andrew..It seems the more people involved the more complicated. The polls close at 2300 Italy time…we should know some results by late tonight US time

  5. Debra Kolkka

    Most people I spoke to in Italy planned to vote no, but I have just spoken to a friend who thinks the big push for a yes by the media might change that. We will find out soon.

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Debra..Yes …Thanks..Watch this space…The polls close at 2300 Italy time…we should know some results by late tonight US time

  6. Francis

    Whatever happens people must vote. Look what happened ton the UK last June when a third didn’t bother to turn up.

    • margieinitaly

      Truly…I hope everyone takes their responsibility to vote seriously.. Thanks..Watch this space…The polls close at 2300 Italy time…we should know some results by late tonight US time

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