A Writer’s Dream and the Writing Process

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Amalfi Coast Photo by Margie MIklas

Writers all have their own preferences for writing.  Some write early in the morning, some write at night, and most of the good ones write every day. It’s all part of the writing process. Here’s how this  writer achieved her dream by following her writing process.

Margie writing process Photo by Margie Miklas

I have to have silence when I write and I like to be alone so I have no distractions. I find that I like to write near the ocean, where the sounds of the waves drown out any other sounds. For me the water is  relaxing and soothing, and being near the ocean becomes a part of my process. I thought it would also be inspiring if I could spend a couple of weeks alone at the sea on the Amalfi Coast to finish writing my first novel, a work I had begun two years ago.

I am fortunate in that my dream became a reality and I have been able to spend two weeks last month in Positano on the beautiful Amalfi  Coast finishing up Critical Cover-Up, my first novel.

Writing in Positano - wRITING PROCESS Photo by Margie Miklas

This has been a work in progress for the past two years, during which time I had put it on the back burner so I could write and publish Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. I think it’s more than a coincidence that after I finished that book , I chose the Amalfi Coast as the place to find my inspiration to complete writing the first draft of  Critical Cover-Up.

Writing my first draft is now complete and  I have begun the first rewrite, another part of the writing process. After completing this lengthy process, i can say I have finished the second draft. My manuscript is in the hands of four beta readers, whose feedback will be invaluable to me, as I review it and continue with the rewriting process and  the third draft. After that I will hand it over to my editor who will send it back to me to make more changes and start the fourth draft. Al part of the writing process. A good editor and award-winning author once told me to expect to write at least five drafts before publishing a book. At first I thought she was crazy  but I have since learned that she was right.

I’ll then be working on my cover, collaborating with an expert I know and trust. I plan to release  my book as an e-book as well as a paperback edition, and it will be available on Amazon.com  as well as in the UK and other countries.

If all goes well I am hoping  for a spring release date, so definitely stay tuned for more updates.

Enjoy a few more photos from my inspiring place in Italy. All I have to do is see these images and I feel completely relaxed.

How about you? What relaxes you? Where is your go-to place to feel inspired? I’m eager to hear your feedback so please leave a comment.

Check out my photos and follow me on Instagram if you haven’t  already been there.

Grazie and  Ciao

Addendum: As of the fall, 2017, Critical Cover-Up has been published and is available on Kindle and in paperback. Check it out here.

Critical Cover-Up book Photo by Margie Miklas






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  1. Lee Laurino

    Congrats on moving to stage 2! I remember you posted a great article 1 or 2 yrs about outlining the process of ‘getting published’. I need to re read that story.

  2. Suzette | TrySomethingFun.com

    Hi Margie! You’re so fortunate to have found the perfect place to focus your thoughts and get your book finished up. I just spent a good several weeks in Italy doing something similar and was totally captivated by the endless sea and sky atop the mountain just above where you were in Positano. What a surreal view! I’ll be posting the photos soon so others can see how special it is, but it’s nice to hear you that found that same area just as peaceful as I did. All my best!

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you so much Suzette. I look forward to your post. I wonder if we went to the same place. I did take part of a day off from writing and did the Path of the Gods hike high above Positano…I agree the views were incredible and I will be writing much more about that experience too, ! so nice to make the connection here!!!

  3. cperciaccanto

    So glad to hear of all your progress!
    I too, need quiet to write. I may put on classical music for a sense of calm. I would love to write in a coffee shop ( since when I’m home I can always find there is laundry etc… to do) but I’m too much of a people watcher, easily distactable I guess. So I’m either in my office or finding a place to write outside . I actually started #writeoutside, and post on the blog or instagram where I went write .
    Best to you! Love the pics !!!

    • margieinitaly

      I too love classical music…I grew up listening to it when I went to sleep as my Dad played it every evening and Is till love it today and find it soothing. Glad to make this connection. I will defintitely check out your #writeoutside Instagram photos! What a clever idea. Thank you!

  4. robinblocker

    Margie–thank you for your post @ your writing process and your photos. I too am a water person–I used to live in Malibu where I fell asleep with waves crashing on the rocks. The best!
    I am a freelance writer–non-fiction and find the mornings, with a big cup of coffee, the best time for me (although it can stretch out to the afternoon). You are certainly lucky to have such a gorgeous setting and local to do your writing. I probably can stay more disciplined in my home office because if I were to have the opportunity to write in Italy, I don’t know if I would have the discipline and not get easily side-tracked.
    Good luck with your novel–the title intrigues me already.

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts, Robin. Wow..Malibu sounds like Paradise…I think the sound of the waves must be magical because so many writers share a love for the sea as a place of inspiration. I understand though about getting side-tracked in Italy. It did take a lot of discipline to not run off sightseeing every day, to be sure…


    Marg, You of all people know that I understand wholeheartedly, the trappings of writing.

    And how Difficult it can be, to get Inspired to Write Intriguing Material and stay on task, in order to focus on completing a well thought out and Passionate Story, that people will want to read and indulge in.

    To the point that what was written, will ultimately Engulf the Reader or Viewer so Strongly, that you Captivate your intended Audience, to want to View or Read further into the Journey, in which the Writer has painstakingly laid before their very eyes to enjoy.

    Furthermore this becomes even more difficult to do, depending on what type of Writer you are, because what may work for say “A Book Writer” like you Marg may not necessarily work for “A Screen Writer” for Film like me…

    However All Writers “Must Be Very Good Visionaries” to start with, and A Good Writer is “A Thinker” who is able tap into several sources in order to maintain a Healthy Level of Inspiration period.

    And Although Writer’s block does affect All of us who choose to Write something, there are plenty of ways to deal with that, and you must find what works for you.

    Yet to be A Great Writer, Requires “Discipline” meaning you must be able to get your point across through whatever you’ve written down, in a manner in which, you are able to do three things Successfully.

    1.) Get The Attention of your Intended Audience through whatever You’ve Written.

    2.) Keep or Maintain that Attention of your Intended Audience to the Highest Level Humanly Possible, through whatever you’ve written. This keeps them engaged and turning the pages of your Book or Script wanting to know more.

    3.) Get to the Point as Fast as Humanly Possible with the Least Amount of Words in order to make that Point stand out in the Hearts and Minds of your Intended Audience.

    So for me being a Sicilian Screenwriter, these 3 Essential Rules have Always gotten me through the grueling task of writing itself, whenever I would sit down to Write a Script or Screenplay for Film… and those who know the ins and outs of Screenwriting, you know Rule 3 is Critical because, it can make or break your Script if you don’t follow it.

    Now to be fair with A Book, the Writer is allowed to break Rule 3 because they have to be More Descriptive in whatever it is that they choose to write about, because the Reader is using their own imagination, in order to bring the pages of the Writer’s book, to life for them.

    However when someone Reads Very Good Books, such as those Written by Marg for example…

    You Can Rest Assured that Both Rule 1 & 2 where Followed Every Step of the way.

    Now Marg you know how I am and I wouldn’t say this, if it wasn’t True…

    But Marg You are an Excellent Book Writer and you’ve picked The Best Place On Earth To Draw Inspiration from….. ITALIA!!

    And with these Magnificent Views of SICILY, girl You’ve Made Me Smile Today…

    You Know I’m with you and I Wish You All The Best In Your Endeavors

    Ciao mio caro…

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you Javinno for all of your insight as a screenwriter…You made so many good points…I am glad you enjoyed these photos and I know I have been recently writing about Sicily but the photos in this post are all from the Amalfi Coast. Grazie for all the kind words, my friend.

  6. Tuscan Dreams

    I too need a quiet and relaxing place to write. And the Almafi coast is a dream place to get into the mood. It’s great to hear your writing process as I am in the process of writing my 1st novel.

  7. karenincalabria

    Beautiful photos of your working vacation. I’m with you in that I need silence to write, as well as a place without distractions. Interesting that you posted a photo of your writing by hand and then one on the computer. I now do almost everything on the computer, but I find that when I return to the pen and paper, the thoughts flow better as I have less of an inclination to “correct” right away. The ease of word processing in some ways almost makes it more difficult for me.
    Best of luck with the final stages of your project!

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much for your perspective Karen…I too mostly use the laptop but when I go to the beach I always have a notebook and write the old-fashioned way..We do have a lot in common…Grazie Bella

  8. dollygoolsby

    I am so happy for you, living your dream. I would love to do that, take my writing to a place I love. Maybe I will soon. Our paths run parallel, although you are ahead of me on the writing thing.
    In bocca al lupo, certo.

  9. Kickin' It With Rae

    I’m with you Margie….I am most at peace and a feeling of being complete, when I am near the sea.

    Happy to hear you are close to a release date. Having spent a lot if time in hospitals, I always enjoy a good thriller set in one 😊

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