Italian Way of Life – Photo of the Day

Older Sicilian couple in Trapani, Sicily photo by Margie MiklasThis older Sicilian couple captured my heart as I walked behind them in Trapani one evening during passeggiata, the traditional evening stroll in Italy. They seem to understand what so many of us forget, that spending time together is one of the most important things in life.

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Grazie and ciao.

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  1. apollard

    It is a lovely picture and the passeggiata is a healthy and social afternoon tradition however I can’t help myself but give a shout out for Italian women here. It is not all sweetness and light. While it’s tempting to look on as outsiders and only see the good, I have witnessed things that make me feel very lucky to be able to dip in and out as a tourist and enjoy my incredible freedom as a women born in New Zealand.

  2. robinblocker

    Absolutely charming! The warmth and feeling from your photograph eminates on my screen. What better place to take a stroll with a loved one? I guess in your own community that has its own enchanting paths. The photo reminds me that taking the time to walk together is more important than the periphery. If you have them both, that is perfection!

  3. Annmarie

    Simply gorgeous! When you see photos like this, you understand exactly where we have gone wrong in life. Such tenderness, such elegance! Thank you. xx

  4. suzette008

    Ditto what Janey said! What a sweet Italian tradition and even as a visitor it sometimes feels like a great big hug <3

  5. Janey

    This is how I know we’d be great friends…I have a shot almost identical to yours, shot from in front of them, that I took on a trip to Italy! I will send it to you in a bit. The scenes of the love of family were my most fave!

  6. sealights99

    This photo captures love for sure…..and i proudly say that when we annually go to italy we hold hands as we take our evening stroll and our marriage is 50 years young as of last June. However we do not dress as this lovely couple does.

    • margieinitaly

      That is so touching to hear…And Congratulations on your 50 year anniversary! AUGURI! I am happy that you still go to Italy each year!!! Enjoy many more to come! Thank you so much for sharing

  7. Anonymous

    I love this photo. It speaks of the continuity of life.and what it should be..
    Great shot.

  8. karenincalabria

    I love the way they’re dressed. She has her little heels. He’s dapper, yet sporty with his comfortable shoes and casual pants combined with the blazer. And then, sauntering with his arms behind his back over the lovely paving stones.

  9. Lee Laurino

    this is still seen in many towns. And dressing for the event is so refreshing. You may not see this couple staring at their cell phones.

    • margieinitaly

      You are right on with that observation Lee. Italians definitely know that time spent together in person is valuable. We should all learn from them.


    Marg there you go tugging at the Heart strings again… But I’ll answer your question..
    Being that you know that I am Sicilian and you and I both knowing the Real Meaning behind the Word “FAMILY”

    This Couple Truly Understands what it takes to make it through this Life and from the looks of it, have put that knowledge into Practice through their own Actions and its a Wonderful sight to see…

    Because in truth When A Man & A Woman Become one in Marriage in this Life …. then are able to hold on to each other With LOVE & RESPECT the FAMILY that They Produce will show it as well throughout their lives…



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