Writing Inspiration in Italy

Terrace at Hotel Pupetto in Positan Photo by Margie MiklasI’ve  thought about coming to Italy to write for a few years now. My dream to spend two weeks alone in a beautiful relaxing place on the Amalfi Coast with the intent to write has come true.

Margie writing Photo by Margie MiklasI have been in Positano for the past ten days and have found my inspiration and my muse in this peaceful environment I call Paradise. Can you see why?

I have a few more chapters to go to complete the first draft of my novel, Critical Cover-Up, a psychological thriller. Then will come the editing and rewriting. Stay tuned as I hope to publish by the spring of 2017.

Hotel Pupetto, a small family-run hotel on Fornillo Beach has been the perfect place for me to write.

My balcony at Hotel Pupetto in Positano Photo by Margie MiklasThe stunning view of the sea from my hotel room balcony has allowed me to enjoy spectacular sunrises and  sunsets. The sounds of the waves have lulled me to sleep every night and I have found  a sense of tranquility here.

Sunset at Hotel Pupetto in Positano Photo by Margie MiklasFrom the terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea I have felt inspired to write without any distractions that so often overtake me back home.

Fornillo Beach at Hotel Pupetto in Positano Photo by Margie MiklasSince Wi-Fi is intermittent, it can be frustrating at times, but I’ve been able to connect to social media and the internet when I found it necessary to do research, thanks to a few little tweaks I learned from Ciro, the hotel manager.

my-office-in-positano-photo-by-margie-miklasAll the waiters, Fabio, Antonino, Domenico, Raphael, and Francesco, and Giuseppe, the chef, have learned my favorite beverages, aqua (still), prosecco, and cappuccino, and have made me feel like I was part of the family.

Hotel Pupetto waiters and manager Photo by Margie MiklasVeronica, Gabriella, Gabriella’s mother Lucia,  and the rest of the Pupetto family have been wonderful.

Veronica and Gabriella at Hotel Pupetto Photo by Margie MiklasI’ve even learned some shortcuts to get up to the top of Positano, thanks to them. Of course, they do entail a minimum of 250 steps each way, but it’s been a great way to stay in shape.

And Andrea would certainly know that, as he carried my 30+ pound bag  down the path and all those steps acting as if it was no problem. Grazie, Andrea.

Positano Andrea with my luggage Photo by Margie MiklasThe housekeepers, Anna and Laetizia, have always greeted me with a warm Buongiorno and Come sta, and a smile, and I practiced my Italian with them.

Anna housekeeper - Hotel Pupetto Photo by margie MiklasI feel fortunate to have been able to live out my dream here. I have  a few more days to enjoy, and when I leave, the hotel will also close for the winter, since their season ends. Most of Positano shuts down for the winter, since this is a beach community. It has actually been a joy to be here without the crowds of the summer.

Gabriella at Hotel Pupetto with my book Photo by Margie MiklasAnd now a copy of my book is in Positano!

Thank you Hotel Pupetto for everything. You know I will be back.

(Disclosure: I received a discount on my accommodation by Hotel Pupetto.)

Fornillo Beach at Hotel Pupetto in Positano Photo by Margie MiklasWhat places inspire you?  I’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment.

Photo by Margie MiklasGrazie and Ciao.

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  1. Book Club Mom

    I’ve been so busy this fall, I haven’t had time to visit all my favorite blogs as often, but now I’m glad to see you are making your dream of writing your book come true!

  2. dollygoolsby

    I am so happy for you, getting to live your dream. Positano is so lovely and peaceful. You inspire me as I am writing, also, about my adventures in Europe, as well other places I have visited. Writing takes a great deal of time, and you found a way to get around the distractions of home. Good for you, and I know your book will be a success, as your other two books have been.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Margie:
    you’re very lucky to have finally achieved your dream. It truly is a beautiful place and I’m sure you’re well inspired. Good luck on your first fiction. I know there are many more in your head!!

  4. Kickin' It With Rae

    So awesome that you have found your muse….what a great location to be sure.
    I love it when where I stay ‘knows’ me and my habits, makes you feel so at home 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your time, looking forward to the new book, aaaaand 2 Sicilian Gals adventures.


    Marg I am Absolutely Ecstatic for you Hon.

    You’ve Set Out to Pursue a Goal of Adventure and pure Bliss, by which you have Achieved it, in a Most Astounding Way Possible …

    And once again You’ve been able to make me smile with Style and Grace indeed with such Magnificent photos of Positano..

    However too often, some fail to realize that it’s the people, that tend to make a Particular Place or Region what it is… Marg you have an uncanny way of drawing people to you and it’s a Wonderful Gift that I hope you never loose.

    And in this case, when you add the experience of actually being in Italia, with Appreciation of the Region and of its People as well, it makes your visit that more enjoyable.

    Marg I know you personally, and therefore I’m very Happy that you’ve Continued on with your Writing Skills and have gotten some alone time to do so

    I’m also Glad that you’ve made it to Our Home Land of Italia safely, and I’m so very Proud of You…

    Dio sia con te, mia cara…. Ciao 😉


        Prego mio caro Marg!! And I Thank You as well… Besides just the sheer thought of you going to Sicily period, puts My Heart at ease…. You Just Keep Writing Marg and this Sicilian Alpha Male Will Always Have You Covered…

        Oh and one more thing… you’ll have no worries or problems when you get there, They’ll Take Good Care of You, alright?? Ti amo…

  6. peterjstrom

    Margie, GREAT POST!! I can totally feel what it must be like to stay there. You are certainly in your element. So glad I could at least come along vicariously. By the way, I always order cappuccino as well since it is the closest to an American cup of coffee, but I prefer the frizzante. 😉

    • margieinitaly

      Grazie Peter..So nice to hear from you! I toured the studios of the artisans in Vietri last week and was fascinated!! I will be writing about that exerience after I return home,

      • peterjstrom

        The American import company, Vietri, started with a visit 30+ years ago to the Solimene factory in Vietri Sul Mare. That visit was prompted while they were staying at the San Pietro hotel in Positano, where they saw beautiful dinner and serve ware being used in the dining room. If you haven’t yet visited the hotel, and you have time, it might be fun to sneak a peek to see if they are still using those dishes. A pic of the dining room might make a great addition to your post. 😉

  7. Bonnie Davis

    Wonderful post, seeing what makes a writer come alive. Italian life is so different from American life, I can see how the surroundings provide not just relaxation but inspiration.

  8. Gina Richardson

    I’m happy you were able to fulfill your dream and accomplish what you had set out to do. Looking forward to the release of your book. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories.

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you too Gina, and I have even found time to relax and read more of the book you gave me, James Ernest Shaw’s My Italian Journey.

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