Travel in Italy – Photos from Milan

Ciao from Italy!

Of course I am happy to be in Italia and am enjoying every minute. Since I want to enjoy la dolce vita I will not be writing long stories from here…  those will have to wait until I return home. So for now enjoy these unedited  photos from Milano!

img_6534 img_6539 img_6561 img_6572 img_6603 img_6622 img_6624 img_6655 img_6669 img_6683 img_6715 img_6719 img_6835 img_6850

16 Responses

  1. Tony

    Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading more once the trip is complete!

  2. Lora by Lora

    Beautiful photos. I hoped to visit Milan this time but there was just too much to do. Your photos give me inspiration for next time. Enjoy . X

  3. Lois Patton

    Photos rekindle our memories of our stay in Milan. Thank you for sharing. I wish you a perfect, satisfying stay in Italy.

  4. marilyneb

    Glad you got the chance to explore Milan Margie – it’s a wonderful city and loving your pics as always! Enjoy the rest of your time in Italia – the sea sounds idyllic!

  5. Bonnie Davis

    Love the pictures but really love the way the people in the shots remind you that these world heritage sites are home to real people.


    Marg, girl you really know how to make me smile with Joy indeed…
    for you’ve definitely Captured the very Essence of this section of Italia within these photos.

    Not to mention, girl you look Gorgeous as ever, standing there in front of the Cathedral in Milan Marg!! lol

    And considering my background in Architecture and as well as in Writing… That particular Structure right ther will forever be…

    Architettura mozzafiato al suo meglio!!

    And I must say Marg, that you’ve Brighten up my Day on this Sunday October the 2nd

    Lo apprezzo, mia cara

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