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La Scala Photo by klik2travel (Flickr)’ll be headed to Italy soon and I’m flying into Milan mainly because I found such a great airfare on Emirates  back in February. I’m flying non-stop from JFK in New York to Malpensa in Milan for less than $600 round trip. How can you beat that?

Photo by Emirates Airline Photo by Emirates Airline

I really hadn’t planned on an agenda in Milan, but decided to stay for two days before flying to the south of Italy. I’ve often dreamed of going to an opera at La Scala, the world’s most prestigious opera house.  Inaugurated 238 years ago, La Scala holds 2000 people and I’ve  heard that it is difficult to obtain tickets, and also that they are expensive.

La Scala Photo by IK's World Trip (Flickr) Teatro alla Scala Photo by IK’s World Trip (Flickr)

I decided to check on the dates I’m in Milan to see  if any performances were scheduled. Imagine my excitement when I saw that indeed an opera was on the schedule for one of the evenings. I went to the Teatro alla Scala website and actually found it to be in English and easy to navigate.  I checked prices and was able to easily see which seating corresponded to the pricing.

La Scala Photo by Ana and Michal (Flickr) La Scala Photo by Ana and Michal (Flickr)

I had hoped for a seat in one of the boxes, since I knew the stalls on the floor would be too expensive, plus I like the boxes. From my first opera experience in Palermo, I felt like a VIP in one of those boxes.

And I definitely knew I didn’t want to sit in the top two tiers known as the gallery, or loggione. Apparently at this theatre, the patrons who buy these cheap seats  have a reputation for booing the opera singers. They are known as the loggionisti, and are merciless in their judgment of the performers. They even booed Luciano Pavarotti  in his 1992  performance of Verdi’s Don Carlo.

I also have heard that many of the seats in the boxes have limited vision of the stage, and the website conveniently allows you to click on the seat before purchasing it, so you can actually see what your view would be from there. I found this very helpful and was able to decide on a seat in one of the boxes and purchase a ticket.

So I am going to the opera in Milan for less than €100.   Stay tuned!

Have you been to La Scala or attended an opera in Italy? I’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment.

Grazie and Ciao.

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  1. Book Club Mom

    Wow have fun at the opera. I have only been to one opera, Otello at the Met in New York – years and years ago. I guess it’s time for me to go again!

    • margieinitaly

      Oh yes, Rae-I will keep you posted. I have heard nothing but good things from my friends who have flown on Emirates. Vediamo. Thanks so much for commenting

    • margieinitaly

      I hope that dream comes true one day Cristina! Thank you so much… I wish it were an Italian opera. It is the British opera The Turn of the Screw.

  2. Stacy di Anna

    How wonderful! Have you been able to see The Last Supper in previous trips to Milan? I hope so and if not, I highly recommend it. Happy travel planning!

  3. Paula

    I am so envious of your wonderful air fare! I always fly Emirates but I won’t tell you how much we have to pay return to Milan from Australia😩
    My daughter’s sister-in-law is a very successfull opera singer in Italy (Jessica Pratt) and she has performed around the world including at La Scala and La Fenice. We will be arriving in Milan towards the end of September and not long after that will be joining Victoria on her wonderful Puglia tour. Italy is always such a good idea! I hope you enjoy the opera!

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much Paula and I know you will have the best time on Victoria’s small group tour in Puglia. I went last spring and had a fantastic time, much more than I could have imagined! Yes unfortunately the airfares to and from Australia are not low, so I have heard , yet I have met a lot of Australians who do love to come to Italy. Awesome that you have an opera singer close to the family!

  4. dollygoolsby

    Once again, I am jealous. I have toured La Scala, but was never in Milan while performances were being held. I have, however, gone to the opera in Verona at the Arena several times. I thoroughly enjoyed the performances there. Like you, I went online, found seats within my price range in the location I wanted. I have also gone to performances at the Puccini Festival near Viareggio. And one performance at the Boboli Gardens in Florence. There is nothing like seeing live opera on an Italian stage. You are so fortunate.

    • margieinitaly

      Dolly, Thank you for your interesting perspective…You’ve had many more experiences than I at these classical events in Italy and I know you have enjoyed them tremendously. I toured the Verona Arena while they were setting up for an event and I could imagine what it would have been like! Yes I am excited to actually attend an opera in this famous opera house. Stay tuned for details after I return from Italy!

  5. Anonymous

    That all sounds pretty amazing. Wish I had the nerve to take off alone like that. Have a great adventure.

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