My Thoughts on Mother's Day

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My Mom 90th BD - Photo by Margie MiklasMother’s Day is a special day for me, not only because I am a mother and a grandmother, but because I am blessed to still have my mother, who just celebrated her 90th birthday.

My Mom on her 90th BD - Photo by Margie MiklasShe is a very special woman who has taught me so much over the years. She taught me to sew at the age of 10, and to bake at the age of 11. My two youngest brothers were born when I was 10 and 11, so I learned how to do the laundry and help care for infants, which prepared me for my first babysitting jobs outside of our family when I was 12. I thought it was great to be earning 50 cents an hour!

But the most important thing I learned from my mother was that I was loved. She always encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be, and as a result, I grew up to be very independent.

My Mom and me on her 90th BD - Photo by Margie MiklasThank you Mom for being there over the years and across the miles with your loving smile and heart of gold.  Happy Mother’s Day.

My Mom 90th BD - Photo by Margie MiklasA memory from the past I wanted to share…


 I grew up in Cleveland, in a suburb called Independence, which was a 20-minute bus ride to downtown Cleveland. Being the only girl in the family, sometimes for a special treat, my Mother would take me on the bus downtown to go shopping on a Thursday evening when the department stores stayed open until none,or Saturday during the day.

Downtown Cleveland - Photo by Chris Gent (Flickr)
Downtown Cleveland – Photo by Chris Gent (Flickr)

I would get all dressed up, with gloves and a dress, and remember feeling very excited to go into the big city. We would go to the big department stores, such as Higbee’s, May Company, and sometimes to Halle’s, although that was the most expensive store. I loved it! These stores were seven or eight stories high and had wooden escalators.

Each floor was designated for a specific department, such as furniture, women’s clothing, or shoes. It was a special time I had with my Mother and I remember those experiences fondly. To this day I love shopping and big cities.

With my beautiful Mother Photo by Margie MiklasHere I am with my beautiful mother four years ago.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is a mother or mother-to-be, to mothers of pets and to step-mothers, to mothers  who have lost children, and to those whose mothers live on in only in their memories. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.


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  1. Leisa Peck

    That is a great read,you are very lucky to still have your Mother.Hugs

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful! Happy Mother’s day to you and your beautiful Mom (who by the way, looks younger on her 90th than she did 4 years ago)!!

  3. Lois Patton

    A lovely, loving tribute. I have such similar memories…shopping in the “Loop” of Chicago at Marshall Field’s on State Street. Sadly, my mom reached only 66, so she has been in my memories for over thirty years. Thank you for bringing her in to focus on this special day.

  4. Book Club Mom

    Very nice – and some wonderful pictures of you and your mother! My mom turned 90 last summer – it’s a special time for mothers and daughters.

  5. Tony

    What a wonderful post, and I definitely see the family resemblance! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to you both!

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