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Colonne di San Lorenzo Milan Photo by Liza (Flickr) https://www.flickr.com/photos/lizadaly/Today I am  pleased to feature a guest post by Sara Mazzucato, a copywriter from Padua, Italy. Enjoy.

Lombardy mon amour: From the romantic Sforza Castle to the beautiful Lake Maggiore and its “Fornaci di Caldè”

Have you ever been to Milan? Maybe you know this city if you’re a businessman or businesswoman, because it represents one of the biggest trade centers of all Italy.

Indeed, in Milan you can find a lot of big palaces and clubs where you can have elegant happy hours, but this city can be so much more than this.  One of the first places you should visit in Milan is the wonderful Sforza Castle in the town center, where you can have a walk immersed in a very romantic and relaxing atmosphere thanks to its beautiful park full of green. I think that sunset is the best moment of the day to have a walk all around the castle.

Sforza Castle Milan Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sforza_Castle_Milan_from_internal_Court_yard.JPG
Sforza Castle Milan

Then, if you feel a bit hungry and you want to eat something sweet you can go to Chocolat Maggi, a fabulous ice-cream shop whose super tasty chocolate is a unique experience!

Another place to visit both for its historical and cultural importance is La Scala, a very famous and ancient theatre whose prestigious stage has seen the performances of artists from all over the world.

La Scala Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Milano,_Teatro_alla_Scala,_interior_01.JPG
La Scala

Go and explore every hidden corner of the city, because every corner could really surprise you. “Colonne di San Lorenzo,” for example, is a very nice place near Corso Ticinese. It’s a beautiful square adjacent to the church of San Lorenzo. It has a promenade with columns and a lot of bars where you can sit for a drink with your travel mates.

Colonne di san Lorenzo Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Colonne_di_san_lorenzo_01.jpg
Colonne di San Lorenzo

If you arrive in Lombardy by airplane you can sleep at Moom, a good hotel just near the airport of Milan, in a strategic location from which you can easily reach the three lakes near Milan.

Yes, because in Lombardy, you know, there are three wonderful lakes you really have to see: Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda.

Lake Como
Lake Como

If you go to Lake Maggiore, besides the main attractions of the lake itself, you should visit “Fornaci di Caldè,” a wild area of the coast with old furnaces, nice murals and very fresh and clean water in which you can swim in tranquility. “Fornaci di Caldè” looks like a little oasis, don’t miss this incredible place!

Source: http://ninehoursofseparation.blogspot.it/2011/07/le-fornaci-di-calde-il-lago-non-ancora.html
Fornaci di Caldè

Last but not least, go to Lake Garda and Lake Como. These lakes are full of olive and lemon trees and other colorful trees.

Lake Garda
Lake Garda

Right there you can join a lot of events such as concerts, fairs and markets, eating local food and drinking  very good wine, with an excellent panorama surrounding you.

These are just a few examples of what you can see in Lombardy. My personal tip? Go and discover these and others little pearls of Lombardy and let them fascinate you!

Sara Mazzucato is a copywriter at Prima Posizione Srl, an Italian web agency based in Padova specialized in digital marketing and communication since 2007. Follow Sara on Facebook.

Have you visited any of these places in or near Milan? I’d  love to hear your experiences. Please leave a comment for Sara. Grazie

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    • margieinitaly

      Grazie Liz – There never seems to be enough time to experience everything in Italy! I am glad you enjoyed this guest post by Sara.

      • DreamDiscoverItalia.com

        There really isn’t it there Margie?! I could do with two lifetimes to explore our beloved Italy but even that probably wouldn’t be enough!! Keep the lovely posts coming & happy travels! :o)

  1. imarancher

    Enjoyed this post, especially the architecture and beautiful waters. Imagine that beautiful blue water surrounded by the smell of lemon blossoms.

  2. Un po' di pepe

    I’ve been to Lago Maggiore. My cousin has a lounge bar on the lake in Angera. It’s a beautiful area especially the Isole Borromee in the middle of the lake. Ciao, Cristina

  3. Vino Travels

    I enjoyed the Sforza Castle as well when I visited. The inside of La Scala looks beautiful. Would love to see a performance there sometime. You can’t beat the lakes regions though. It’s beautiful!

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much Leisa for following my blog and reading Sara’s guest post and commenting here…. wish you could see Italy in person. I think you would love it, especially the parks and flowers.

    • Sara Mazzucato

      Thank you so much Leisa! I’m really happy you like this post. I am totally in love with these places and, as Margie said, I wish you could see them as soon as possible.

  4. stellalucentellc

    Lovely photos. I love the islands in Lago Maggiore. It is worth taking the boat ride the starts just south of Stresa to the three main islands in the lake: Isola Bella, with an amazing garden that takes up about half of the island behind a wonderful villa, Isola Madre and Isola Pescatore. Here is a link to a video I took while on this boat tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXjl5dWFZas

  5. karenincalabria

    A lot to see and do in and outside Milan. I’d just like to add that I found the museums inside Sforza Castle well worth the visit.

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