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Shoemaker in PalermoA day in the life of this elderly Italian man in Palermo, a shoemaker who makes men’s shoes by hand. I am always intrigued watching skilled craftsmen at work in Italy.

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  1. livedinitaly

    Ciao! After a tour of Pompeii our guide took us to Donadio Coralli e Cammei, srl in Napoli. The artisan carving the cameo by hand had been with the company for over 60 years. It was amazing and educational to watch his hands slowly turn a piece of shell into a beautiful piece of art and jewelry.

  2. stellalucentellc

    He is great! I found out ballet shoes in this country used to be made by Italian artisans who moved to NYC, but unfortunately, most have retired and there are not young people to replace them. But they did start the Capezio empire! Italians are such amazing artisans.

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