Driving in Positano


Driving in Positano Photo by Margie MiklasDriving in Positano is a challenge, to say the least. This photo says it all. Do you notice how the cars on the left side of the road are parked facing both directions? I doubt if any rules exist here regarding street parking.

The Vespa appears to be parked just barely in front of the traffic lane, and I am amazed that a cement mixer can navigate these narrow streets. I have often wondered how construction equipment makes it to sites in cliff side towns like Positano.

I think I’m glad my transportation in Positano was my own two feet.

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Ciao and  Grazie.

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  1. stellalucentellc

    Love your picture Margie! I guess if you live in the mountains of Italy you just get used to driving those long winding roads and parking wherever you can! I have a similar picture of a street in Rome… another place I would not be brave enough to drive!

  2. jimtrish

    I’ve been to Italy maybe 20 times and the though of driving still scares me. I go there to help relieve stress, not to increase it.

  3. Vino Travels (@VinoTravels21)

    I remember my 1st trip there and I almost died. I couldn’t believe the way buses swing around those corners, barely able to see and squeezing between buildings, other buses, people and cliffs! They deserve an award for their driving skills.

  4. Anonymous

    Drove there from Sorrento many years ago…took 3 hours because of the traffic backup along the cliff road!

  5. Andrew Petcher

    Two years ago I rented a car in Puglia. Never Again. I have never been so terrified in all my driving life. There appear to be no rules on the roads in Italy. I did return to the Italian highway last year in Sardinia and found it a much better experience.

  6. Debra Kolkka

    Driving along the Amalfi Coast road is never easy. The road is terrifyingly narrow and busy. I doubt there is much to be done about it. I find it amazing that the road was built at all. It must have been blasted out of the rock. I guess restricting traffic is about all that could happen. We often take the bus and marvel about the skills of the drivers. One had to pull his wing mirror in to enable him to pass another bus.

  7. imarancher

    Get a horse! The Bahamas are another place where anything goes unless you are in the dead center of a town or village. But oh those horse carts. Those horses rule the roost and they know it. Keep your hands inside your car or else it might get bit by an irritated horse. And do not even think about trying to pass one! In some places, like islands, scooters are the rule of the day and at least they can outrun the horses.

  8. Georgie Knaggs

    Hi Margie – we drove through Positano two weekends ago. Not much traffic but somehow still felt cars weren’t right in the town. I loved the convenience of a car but hated to think of it all clogged in summer. Same applies to how I feel about the length of that lovely Amalfi Coast Road – too beautiful to be crammed with cars. Here’s a link to a blog I wrote about our trip. http://thephraser.com/2016/02/25/the-joy-and-guilt-of-a-drive-along-the-amalfi-coast-in-italy/

  9. TravelsWithRae

    Ca-razy to be sure. Looks like feet are the safest form of transportation 🙂 I sometimes wonder if it isn’t harder to get out of one of these parking spots?

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