An Evening in Siena – Book Excerpt (Audio)

2044 In 2011 I went to Italy for three months as a solo traveler. That adventure is detailed in my first book, Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My  Love Affair with Italy.  During that trip I stayed in Siena for ten days, using it as a base to travel through Tuscany. One evening in Siena was particularly lively. I thought you might enjoy an audio excerpt about that night.

Soccer game in Siena Photo by Margie Miklas



Soccer game in Siena Photo by Margie MiklasStay tuned for more audio excerpts from my books…thanks to the help of my son Brian and his professional sound mixing expertise.

Siena Photo by Margie Miklas

Have you ever attended a soccer game in Italy?

Siena soccer game Photo by Margie Miklas Photo Apr 22, 10 35 01 PM

Have you traveled to Siena? I’d love to hear your impressions, so please leave a comment.

Siena campo Photo by Margie Miklas

Grazie and ciao

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    • margieinitaly

      Thanks so much Susan! I stayed in a hotel right around the corner from San Domenico. Glad you enjoyed it and that it brought back so many memories for you! Thank you!

  1. dollygoolsby

    Hello again. Yes, I have gone to a soccer game in Italy. In 2008 I took my travel group to a game in Florence. The Fiorentina team was playing against Turin, as I recall. We bought scarves in the Fiorentina colors (purple and white), which made us feel a part of the local community. We cheered and sang along with the crowd, although none of us were Italian speakers…we just followed what the crowd was doing. I am sure they were amused by our singing, since we didn’t know the words.
    Siena is one of my favorite Tuscan hill towns.

    • margieinitaly

      Ciao Dolly–Thank you for sharing your soccer experience. It sounds lie a great time!!! I love following your travel adventures in Italy and other places far away!

  2. Ishita

    I remember this passage in the book Margie, lovely to hear your voice 🙂 Great post! Love Siena but just went for a day so I hope to spend some time in the coming years

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