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Chandelier delivery in Ravello - Photo by Margie MiklasRavello is full of narrow, steep streets that can accommodate only one vehicle at a time. This chandelier delivery in the back of an Ape truck made me wonder if it made to to its destination safely.

Chandelier delivery in Ravello

Chandelier delivery in Ravello

And actually it was not just one chandelier! Incredible!

Chandelier delivery in Ravello

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  1. Stacy di Anna

    That delivery method strikes me as very very Italian. They never seem too worried about consequences and usually land on their feet — a beautiful way to live! <3

  2. Paula

    Aren’t they wonderful pieces of machinery especially in areas like the Amalfi Coast! What was even more amazing was the sight of the working donkeys in the narrow alleyways in Montepertuso and Nocelle above Positano – you really felt for them when you saw their heavy load of building rubble. They worked so hard poor things!

  3. imarancher

    I want an APE. I just love those mini trucks. In fact, at this stage of my life that is probably as big a truck as I need. No more hauling horses nor dogs around, no more kids, grandkids grown or living in other states. Yep, me and an APE going to the feed store for hay and feed with the mystique of Italy in the air. . . and Dade City even has cobblestone roadways here and there for us locals to navigate. Maybe Margie will take a picture of me, roflol.

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