Italian People – Photo of the Day

Photo by MArgie MiklasThese local Italians in Molise seem happy, experiencing male camaraderie that seems to be so lacking in the American culture. I would bet they are solving the problems of the day as well. Your thoughts?

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  1. Therese Rich

    Guy on the right…could be related to my dad! Always ready to engage in conversation…..

    • imarancher

      And you always learn something from them, right? I love listening in to those conversations. Its the reason people think I am so smart. I have garnered a lot of knowledge just from sitting at my Grandfather’s feet. He is Irish but all Grandfathers are wise.

  2. imarancher

    You see this in USA farm communities when the crops are growing themselves and the wife has the house and chicken yard under control and it isn’t hunting season so what to do? Go hang out with the other farmers. Most of the breakfast places in these small towns have a designated table for the older men to drink coffee and talk about hog futures. By the way it is a real pleasure to be invited over to that big table. I only knew one other woman to sit there and she invited herself! Haha, a new world is upon us.

  3. Greg Devlin

    Hi! Margie,

    Great photo! Those guys look like some guys I hangout with from time to time. Even “over the big pond” we’re all still very similar at heart!

    Take Care!
    Greg Devlin

  4. littleitaliandreams

    I’ve often seen old blokes sitting around together in a piazza in Italy, particularly in the mornings and I think its lovely. I always wonder if they’re getting out of the house and away from their wives and housework, or if they’re solving the world’s problems. Either way its a wonderful support and social network for men.
    Just as an aside… I was recently in Monopoli in Puglia and there was a bunch of men who came out every morning just like this. One morning I asked them if they knew what the office was called where I could get my codice fiscale… although they were trying to tell me I couldn’t understand their accent/dialect and so finally one lovely gentleman offered to show me where it was. I took him up on his offer and he walked me the whole way there. Such kindness to a foreigner is amazing.

  5. enirofral

    Well, I have the impression that the 2 “camarades” on the right of the picture are enjoying very much the presence of a pretty photographer and at least for a moment they forgot about the problems of the day!! 😉

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