Where the Locals Go for Gelato in Sicily

Gelato in Brioche - Riposto, Sicily Photo by Margie MiklasMost travelers to Italy have never heard of Riposto, the small commune on the eastern coast of Sicily. Either did I until a few years ago, when my Sicilian friends insisted that we go there, explaining to me that this is where to get the best gelato in Sicily. This little Sicilian coastal town is located between Taormina and Catania, about 15 miles from both cities, and touches the Ionian Sea.

Gelato in Riposto, Sicily Photo by Margie Miklas
With my Sicilian friends, Angelica and Teresa

Gelato in Riposto
My Sicilian friends Teresa and Angelica introduced me to Bistro del Porto, the bar/café at the marina where there were lines of people waiting to order gelato.  Teresa explained that the pistachio gelato is hand made from real pistachios that were grown in Bronte. On her recommendation, and since pistachio is one of my favorite flavors of gelato, I ordered it.

Riposto MarinaOnce I tasted that smooth gelato with the strong taste of pistachio I knew why she recommeded it. The pistachio flavor was stronger than I have ever tasted. I knew this was authentic gelato and so worth the drive from Taormina. Most Americans never would even know about this little slice of heaven. It pays to know where the locals go especially in Sicily.

Riposto Marina Photo by Margie MiklasMarina di Riposto
Just in front of the gelato bar is Marina di Riposto, the scenic harbor with many boat slips and a photographer’s dream. The walkway alongside the marina makes for a great place for   la passeggiata, or the evening stroll.

 Risosto Angelica and Margir Photo by Margie MiklasThere are 336 berths and the marina is complete with showers and toilets, 24 hour security and helpful staff who speak both Italian and English well.

Riposto boardwalk Photo by Margie MiklasThe boardwalk possessed an allure,  an invitation for me to slowly stroll and fully enjoy the experience. With the breeze gently blowing on a warm evening in late spring, I felt at home. Never without my camera, I took advantage of the wonderful photo opportunities that marinas always seem to provide.

 Angelicin Riposto Photo by Margie MiklasGelato Brioche
Another thing I learned about gelato while here in Riposto is the concept of the gelato brioche. Teresa ordered one and finally explained to me about this unusual yet popular way of eating gelato. I had seen this in Cefalù and thought someone was eating gelato in a hamburger bun since that is what it looked like to me.

Riposto gelato with Teresa - Photo by Margie MiklasActually this is a common way to eat gelato, especially in Sicily. Teresa explained that the “bun” is really a sweet roll, or brioche. Only in Italy!

 Riposto Teresa and Margie Photo by Margie MiklasHave you had gelato in Sicily? Where did you find the best gelato? I’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment. Ciao.

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  1. brittanyherriot

    MMM thanks for the tips, my travels will take my to Sicily in October, I will be sure to find this little gem and try the pistachio, also my favorite flavour!

  2. TravelsWithRae

    Sounds like a wonderful time. So fortunate to have friends in Italy. I too love marinas, anything around water I seem to be drawn to. A full marina with all the masts is always so much fun. Oh and the Gelato? well talk about bonus. Gelato brioche? Well, that’s just plain winning as they say. A slam dunk. Something added to the ‘have to visit, have to taste in Italy’ list 🙂

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you Rae…yes always more places to see in Italy. I think if I stayed a lifetime, I wouldn’t be able to see it all! Please have a gelato for me when you visit Bella Italia this fall!

      • TravelsWithRae

        Wait, what? Just one? I’ll have one for you, and I’ll have, well, let’s just say, I’ll have many – ha ha
        Nope, I don’t think Italy can ever be exhausted… there will always be another magnificent place to explore.

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