Transportation in Italy

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photo by Margie Miklas Whenever I travel to Italy I expect to take several modes of public transportation such as trains, buses, subways, and taxis. Of course my feet are the other mode and believe me, I am feeling it during this trip. My Health App informs me that I am walking an average of 5 miles a day, and in these hill towns of southern Italy, I am climbing 10-11 stories a day. It is no wonder when your room in your charming B&B is reached by climbing 30 steps!

But it is good exercise and Mateo,  the friendly manager at Tra le mura in Polignano a Mare, helps carry the luggage, for which I am grateful. I seem to always be apologizing, saying “Mi  dispiace” for the extra weight and large case. In their genteel way, the managers always say that it’s no problem.

What I really love though, are the other forms of transportation, those that I don’t see at home, or if I do, it is a rare occurrence. My favorite are the 3-wheeled trucks called “apes,” pronounced “ah-pays.” Ape means bee in Italian and they are named for the characteristic buzzing sound of the engine. You can read more from an older post I wrote a few years ago.


In Polignano a Mare I had my first Rickshaw Taxi ride and loved it. Here these vehicles are great for navigating the winding narrow streets paved with stone.

I also love seeing the small cars in Italy, especially the Fiat 500.


This 1979 model came with an attractive young driver named Nicolas, who graciously gave us a ride! What fun!

Stay tuned for more adventures from Italy!

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  1. William Still

    We have always enjoyed your blog. It’s quite informative. We are trying to determine what would be a recommended fly and drive/explore trip for the area surrounding Monte Carlo for next year? We want to fly into Nice, then drive into Italy for a few days. Any recommendations on place to stay in that area? (nicer more luxurious is good)
    Also, if we went to Positano as an option, what hotel(s) would you recommend, and what is there to see in the surrounding area? Thanks for any and all help. Please continue your excellent work.

  2. dollygoolsby

    I love the Ape trucks. I would love to have one in the U.S. Imagine going to Home Depot in an Ape..also, the Fiat cinquecento. We went on a driving tour out of Florence with a company that let us drive the old cars through the Chianti wine country, with the owner as our pack leader. What a blast! Then, having just come from the Cinque Terre, where we had to climb a lot of stairs, all these things in your blog post today, my group and I could relate to. Love Italy and love your blog, Margie. One of these days our paths will cross.

  3. imarancher

    Are you mature women on tour or a bunch of Spring Breakers? All right, spring break it is! Love the apes and love the 4 in 1 with Nicholas!

  4. lizbert1

    I love the Ape vans – I always know I’m in Italy when I see one of them buzzing around the streets!!! Great post as always Margie!!

  5. Carol

    I will visit Italy October, can you suggest a great comfortable shoe? What brand do you prefer?
    Thank you for any suggestions.

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