What Is so Special about Italy?

 Whenever I talk about  Italy or come to Italy I am always asked “Why do you like Italy so much?” and “What is so special about Italy?”

 I have to say that my love for Italy comes from a feeling, a feeling that began the first time I visited Italy in 2007. I felt at home here. I experienced the friendliness of the local Italian people. and that feeling has only grown since then. It is why I always want to return, no matter how much time I spend here.

 I think this may be difficult for someone to understand if he or she has never been here. Italy is special to me every time I hear an Italian say “Prego” with a warm smile. Prego is one of my favorite words because it can mean many things. Usually, it means “You’re welcome” but it can mean “Don’t mention it” and other phrases as well. 


 Every time I hear church bells ringing, see flower boxes on windowsills of ancient buildings, smell cheese inside a restaurant, feel soft hand-crafted leather from Firenze, and taste fresh home-made pasta I know why I love Italy. 

 Besides these reasons and the architecture, the history, the culture, the beauty, the fashion, the food, and the diversity of the landscape, from the sea to the mountains, I appreciate a conversation with a local Italian.

To me, when someone takes time to share his or her perception of life in Italy with me, I gain knowledge and a better understanding of how it is to actually live in Italy.

I value interacting with the Italian people more than anything.

 I can write a book on why Italy is special. There are thousands of reasons.

Why is Italy special for you?  Please leave a comment. Grazie mille!

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  1. Mary Graziano Hobart

    I love Italy because it’s the country of my grandparents. When I first visited, it felt like home. Every smell was familiar, every grandmother was my grandmother, every day was wonderful.

    • margieinitaly

      Mary, Thank you for sharing. I understand the feeling…There is none like it.

  2. Margaret

    I love the people, the joy of living that I feel everywhere I go in Italy. It also doesn’t hurt that it is breathtakingly beautiful and has fantastic food. Italy always touches my soul. I cry when I leave and immediately plan my return.

  3. Nancy Petralia

    I love the pace of life. Always time for caffe`, close a couple hours in the middle of the day–that ‘s the time for family, every night passaggiata–strolling with family through the center of town, holidays and August more important than work, work, work, engaging with people not technology.

  4. TravelsWithRae

    I cannot wait to experience all of this in person! Can’t imagine how I feel all of this before I’ve even been there. Thanks for such a beautiful picture of this beautiful country.

  5. Lyn

    I am often asked “why do you travel to Italy ” so I have been writing a series on my reasons for all to read.

  6. ishitasood

    What is special about Italy is wonderful bloggers like yourself Margie 🙂 Like all of us.
    I love when the Italians greet everyone (stranger or no) in the morning! There is a warmth in the Buongiorno 🙂

  7. An Englishwoman in Italy

    What is so special about Italy? It’s the way they make ordinary living special – free gift-wrapping as a matter of course, a simple caprese salad is a gourmet dish. I asked my husband and he said, the interweaving of culture, cuisine, countryside and citta’ – the 4 Cs.

  8. annieparis

    I am exactly like you ..Feelings are the same .. I can feel Italy ..unbelievable .. I cannot describe it either ..but I know exactly what you mean AND I love the word Prego too.. They are warm people. My cousins live there .. I have friends there . My dad was from Malta and that is not that far away from Italy.

  9. composerinthegarden

    Great post, Margie. But no matter what we say, it is a total sensory immersion that has to be experienced. I still dream that I can smell the coffee in a Roman bar and walk through cobblestoned streets in the early morning. It is a place like none other!

  10. imarancher

    Simple question and easy answer. Italy is important to you and you are important to me. Therefore, Italy is important to me. Besides, how can you not like the idea of a place where the people are so accommodating and easy to get along with when you need assistance. Well, unless you are talking futball! PS Where is my new book? (Just kidding, I can wait a little longer!)

  11. dollygoolsby

    Judging from comments, I see there are many of us who travel and feel the love for Italy that you feel. My first visit to Italy was 18 years ago. For the past 7 years, I have been returning, and staying at least 2 months each year. There is just something about the people, the open spaces in the country, the beauty of the cities, the children at play, the adults at work, and they are a hard-working but fun- loving people. Thank you for sharing your joy of travel with all of us.

  12. sylvia villarreal

    I too felt ‘at home’ in Italy. I felt as if I always belonged to Italy. The people are so nice and inviting, always willing to help. The old world charm..as if you are stepping back in time! I could go back a thousand times and never get tired of it.

  13. gene hull

    Margie, Italy is special to me because it inspires people like you to love life! What could be better than that.

  14. tstaffaroni

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Everything you said rings true for me, it truly feels like home and I miss it like crazy. I cannot wait for a return trip.

  15. Diana

    yay! I love the word “prego” too….it gives makes me smile every time I hear it…even after 9 years of living here. It seems…I don’t know…so civilized! Your pics are fab.

  16. anyone4curryandotherthings

    You have written from our heart, Margie. It’s mainly the peoples, the way of life and especially the “Kultur” – something my husband especially can not get enough of. There is not a church nor a museum in any of the cities we have stayed so far, he has not studied – and ones we are back home it continues with the books, until our next trip. How can anybody ever get tired of Italy?
    Have a good time in Puglia – Ciao Carina

  17. Nancy Petralia

    If you can, go to Conversano while you’re in Puglia. That’s where we lived for a month last time we visited. A lovely town with a beautiful castle. If you do, let me know, and I’ll tell you how to find our friends there.

  18. stephanie710

    Beautiful as always, Margie. I’ve never been to Italy but I can certainly understand your special connection to your second home. The people, food, and sights look amazing. Thanks for taking us along..xo

  19. Francis

    Things feel so right here in Italy for me – I now find myelf an exile when I return to my birthplace in London UK

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