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May 16
After a good night’s rest and simple breakfast we checked out of our accommodation, leaving our luggage for later, and took the vaporetto to the Rialto stop. The weather had improved and we were on a mission to find the jewelry shop where we had purchased some beautiful pieces. We both decided that we needed more, and since we were leaving Venice today, we wasted no time. We found our way to the shop of Giuliano Costantino which was not yet open.


So we wandered around towards St Mark’s and heard a choir singing in the square as Mass was being celebrated outside.


Since the workers were just now arriving at work, we could see the difficulty in transporting boxes up and down the numerous footbridges.

imageMany of the shop owners were sweeping out their shops and cleaning up after last night’s high water which flooded this area. A young woman working in another jewelry shop showed us where the water reached by a ruler marked on the leg of a counter. Dealing with the rising water is a way of life for these hardy Venetians.


Eventually our shop opened and Cinzia, the manager, was a delight, suggesting which colors of the Murano glass jewelry looked best on each of us. Of course we left with several purchases, our mission complete.

On the walk back, we passed SignorGusto, a self-service gelato place which reminded of a similar place in NYC, but of there it was ice cream, not gelato. I liked the sign which read, “weigh and enjoy.” Naturally we did just that! Delizioso!

The boat ride back was yet another photo op as we observed the morning workers delivering linen and emptying trash by boat. These scenes fascinate me no matter how many times I see them.


Having retrieved our luggage we walked to the People Mover which dropped us off at the port of Venice, where we had to walk another mile to Terminal 17, where our ship, the Norwegian Jade, was docked. So from an ex-convent, we are now going to luxury accommodations for the next week as we embark on a week cruise to the Greek Isles.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Greece. Ciao.

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  1. dollygoolsby

    I am looking forward to reading your experiences on the cruise. Have fun!

  2. Stephanie Christenson

    its crazy to think of how much water was in the store… I wonder how often it happens

  3. itllbdifferentnathousandyears

    Margie, your energy and drive truly are amazingly. Your daily adventures are so exciting! Not many people could surpass your daily adventures in a week 🙂 Thanks for sharing. “Tikiman” Greg

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