Experience in Corfu, Greece

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May 17
Awoke in time to see the ship pull into port.

imageMy first time in Greece! Dolphin frolicked in the sea alongside the ship as it approached the port at the Greek island of Corfu,the second largest Ionian Island.

imageWe shared a taxi with two other Americans to the Old Town of Corfu, where the inclined streets were full of charming shops and friendly people.

Laundry hung outside  and the aroma of lavender permeated the area outside the shops that specialized in all things lavender.

imageJewelry, scarves, white gauze blouses and dresses, olive wood, and kumquat foods were some of the specialties here.

imageWe walked by the Palace of S.S. Michael and George and enjoyed authentic Greek yogurt with honey and a croissant at Liston, one of the historic coffee houses in Corfu. Free wi-fi was available so we took advantage of the opportunity to connect.

imageWandering around the streets and shopping was fun and I found the Greek people extremely welcoming and friendly.

imageAngela who had been selling  womens’ clothing here all her life was particularly engaging.

Later we stopped at an outdoor restaurant for an authentic Greek salad which was wonderful, and Andres, our waiter could not have been more charming.

imageTomorrow Santorini!


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  1. Judy

    Strolling and eating at outdoor cafes . . . it does not get any better . . . wherever one may be . . .

  2. Anonymous

    Strolling and eating at outdoor cafes . . . it does not get any better . . . wherever one may be . . .

  3. ruthz621

    I’m glad you enjoyed Corfu. Great photos! Did you get to see The Old Fortress?! My grandfather’s mother was a school teacher at the turn of the 20th century. Proud to say my roots run deep there! Buon Viaggio! OPA!

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