Life in Italy – Along the Amalfi Coast Road in Positano

Life in Italy encompasses so many aspects.

I am intrigued by the simple lifestyle of  some of the local people. This man is making a broom by hand along the Amalfi Coast road near Positano, while he sits on a makeshift chair.

Italian man making a broom by hand in Positano Photo by Margie MiklasI wonder how many brooms he has made in his life.  And how far did he have to walk to get home?

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  1. imarancher

    Every time I see a natural broom stalk broom I wonder about the person who makes it. Assuming it is not machined. There are a lot of neat things about life that my arty friends have turned me on to with a few kind directions. Medicine inhalers are designed by someone and each projection of line and design means something to them. Just as the broom maker’s work does. But what seems to be a small cadre of artistic production in this country seems to infuse the entire people of the Italian Nation.

  2. Sherry

    A thoughtful moment, a delightful snapshot. I wonder as you do, but maybe he can no long do what he once did and so now does this. Perhaps this is a story in the making! I do love your snapshots.

    • margieinitaly

      Thank you Sherry! Soon some of my photos will appear in a new book! Thank you for all your encouragement to do publish them in a book. I just submitted it to the book publishing company yesterday!

      • Sherry

        YAY! You go girl. I’m uber excited! Make mine out to “My best friend EV-AH…” LOL Seriously I want a signed copy and I will show it off!!

  3. dollygoolsby

    Sorry for the typo. It should read “walking down the stairs”. Not “doe”.

  4. dollygoolsby

    I love your little vignettes about Italian life. Several years ago I saw an elderly couple walking doe. The stairs in Montepulciano, holding hands. I knew then that was how I want to grow old…with someone who loves me enough to walk the stairs with me, holding my hand. I would give anything if I had taken their photo. Thank you, Margie, for getting these glimpses of the simple lifestyle of the Italian people.

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