Visions of Italy – Scenes from Molise

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I posted here. I guess that’s what happens when you are focused on writing a book. I have been seriously working on a photo book that I hope to publish this spring. Stay tuned for that.

Molise, Italy Photo by Margie MiklasMolise is the region in Italy where my paternal grandparents were born. Originally Molise was part of a region called Abruzzi e Molise, but in 1970, that region was split into the two regions of Abruzzo and Molise, making Molise the newest region in Italy. The area is mountainous and beautiful, not typically a tourist area.

Molise, Italy Photo by Margie MiklasEnjoy a few photos from Molise.

Molise, Italy photo by Margie Miklas

Molise, Italy Photo by Margie MiklasDSCN5322 - Copy (640x480)Molise, Italy Photo by Margie Miklas DSCN5309 DSCN5310 DSCN5311Can you tell I have an attraction toward these old doors? I often wonder who lived in these homes and what they were like. Today most of the homes here are vacant. Lots of stories behind these doors…but we’ll never know them.

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  1. Great photos.
    Not sure if your book is available for sale yet.
    I am currently renovating an ancestral home in Molise !
    Certainly an adventure in itself !


    • margieinitaly

      Awesome Aldo…My Italy books are all for sale. My novel, Critical Cover-Up, will be released soon. Best wishes on your project in Molise!!

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks Aldo..Yes it is available through Amazon Thank you And good luck renovovating your Molise home

  2. Love these pictures Margie, I stumbled upon this post while searching for Italy posts on wordpress 🙂 Brava!

  3. Nice photos! I was born in Orsara di Puglia, not far from Molise, and some of these, especially the portone, look like they could have been taken there. Ciao, Cristina

  4. What an interesting mix of photos. I especially like the shot of the open door looking out toward the mountains.

  5. I love those old doorways! Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures of Molise.

  6. Whenever I hear about Molise I think at that Ratman cartoon… this one:

    but Molise is indeed a very nice region, thanks for sharing these great pictures!

  7. I love the orange wall and plastic chairs!

    • Yes Penny…it’s a simple life

    • Reminded me of Key West, Fl, USA back in the 40’s. Plastic was very new and very cool back then, lol. And remember, all those beautiful old doors were once the modern equivalent of those plastic chairs.

      • Key West – yes! Don’t recall the 40s there, 🙂 but I think it’s still pretty cool.

  8. I think you spoke to many of us with our love for old doors. The hardware is gems as well. They do let our imagination roll to earlier times. Glad to know there is a photo book in the near future.

  9. Carol Caggiano

    My maternal grandfather and great grandparents were born in S. Croce di Magliano. My cousin and I will be visiting that area and also Chieti in September/October.

    • Grazie mille Carol,
      So wonderful that you will be going to the place of your ancestors. It is such a special feel. Have a wonderful trip!

  10. My comment was garbled….it should read…I like doors and archways as they are invitations to enter deeper into one’s own heart and there find the sacred!

  11. So, a love affair with old doors, eh? Very interesting.

  12. Beautiful country and marvelous photos!

  13. What a gorgeous place! I would love to go tooling around Italy with you, sister! I’m sure low-carb would have to be left at home😎

  14. tstaffaroni

    Fantastic pictures, thank you for sharing! The third from the last looks very similar to the house I saw in Costacciaro where my great-grandfather was born!

  15. Margie,

    This is John Simonetti replying, son of John and Mary. How are you? My dad told me about your blog and I recently signed up.

    I went to Molise five years ago to bike ride for a week. We started in Sulmona, road in the National Park to Pestocostanzo, then to Agnone. From there we road to Termoli for three days. It was fantastic. We rode in early October so they were just harvesting the olives. I loved the rustic uncrowded nature of the area. I’ve since done a bike ride in Tuscany but would take Abruzze Molise over it. I hope to ride next year in Puglia.

    Sounds like you are enjoying life. I’m a retired attorney and split my time between Florida and Ohio.

    Take care.

    John Simonetti

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi John,
      Thank you so much for writing. I remember your parents and know they are good friends with mine. I am so glad you had the opportunity to experience the non-touristy part of Italia. I like those small towns and villages the best.

      I will be returning to Puglia this spring, so stay tuned for photos. It is awesome that you cycle!

  16. Sister Therese Ann Rich, OSU

    I like doors and archways as they nare invitatiins to enter deeper into one’s own heart and there find the sared!

  17. Looking forward to your book!!!! Lovely photos here for sure! 🙂

  18. Who doesn’t love old doors and also old staircases? I can see little kids slamming the doors on their way outside and running up and down the staircases, from the time of Roman Empire until today.

  19. I love doorways too…and there are many beautiful old doors to choose from in Italy.

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