On the Streets of Milan

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Milan Expo DSCN4678 (2) (640x479)As you may or may not know, Milan is hosting the next World’s Fair in 2015. It is more commonly known as the Expo, short for Universal Exposition. These events occur every four years and the last time Milan hosted this was in 1906. These world exhibitions have been happening since 1851.

Milan Expo DSCN4680 (2) (640x481)It’s  quite apparent on the streets of Milan that they are preparing the city for the expected 20 million visitors between May 1 and October 31 of 2015.

Milan DSCN4679 (2) (481x640)The galleria and the Duomo are covered in scaffolding as restorations continue on an ongoing basis.

Milan Galleria DSCN4689 (2) (479x640)

Milan Expo DSCN4677 (2) (480x640)Have you been to Milan? Would the Expo be a reason to visit? Leave a comment. I’m interested in your feedback.

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  1. stephanie710

    I always enjoy the blogs, Margie and especially, your pictures. You really have an eye for capturing the feeling of the moments. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. xx

  2. Joan Schmelzle

    I love Milan and usually fly into that city when I head to Italy. I hope to be in Milan next fall and am happy to know the Expo is over October 31 since I will be there some time in November 2015. I think the Expo might be fun, but my plans for next year won’t include it.

    • margieinitaly

      Thanks for commenting, Joan. I fly into Milan a lot because I have found great airfares there from the States. Have a wonderful time next year in Italy.

  3. Karen Warren

    I’m not really familiar with the concept of Expo but it sounds interesting and it would be good to have an excuse to go back to Milan! So maybe I’ll look into it.

  4. Debra Kolkka

    I was a volunteer at the Expo in Brisbane. It was a great experience and I would certainly go to Milan to see it. I love Milan…any excuse.

    • margieinitaly

      What a wonderful experience, Debra! Hopefully you will be able to visit the Expo and write about it on your great blog. I always enjoy your posts and photos.

  5. imarancher

    I participated in the Florida division of the NYC Expo of 1964. My first trip to the really big city. I truly love them and it was a novel idea to me that the word Expo had to be explained. What’s not to impress at a WORLD’s fair? It’s like Disney World on Steroids and far more intellectually stimulating.

  6. jencvt2002

    For some reason, I haven’t had the desire to go to Milan. Admittedly, I tend to stay away from events that draw large crowds. But, I have sure enjoyed your posts about Milan! Maybe I should reconsider!

  7. ishitasood

    I have been to Milan for a couple of hours Margie, its so different from the rest of the Italian towns. Would love to visit the Expo! :d

  8. Bonnie Bayardi

    I have been to Milan, as it is one of the large cities near where my family comes from, Crevacuora and Valenza Po. My main interest was in seeing those towns. But I found it to be a beautiful and hospitable place and would love to return. I don’t think I’d like to be there when it’s so crowded, though.

    • margieinitaly

      I’m like you Bonnie – Not sure if I’d care to deal with all the crowds. I do love those little towns. How fortunate you were able to visit the places of your family,

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