Italians at Work

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Italians are hard workers…
It is a way of life for them. Here are some photos of a few of them in their daily lives.DSCN5574.JPGDSCN5609.JPG











As much as I love Italia, I think the lifestyle is difficult and I respect these Italy locals. What do you think ? Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Irene Lauretti

    Wonderful pictures, thank you, Margie! I myself am half-Italian, originally from Rome, currently living in England. I have a strong nostalgia about my birth place and hope to go back and maybe even live there part of the year. I agree however that life can be hard, especially in the big cities, like Rome. At the same time though people enjoy life more, there is in my opinion a higher quality of life than in most other countries ( I have lived in 5 countries, including the US). I am an energy healing therapist and what I find interesting is the astrological relation to Pisces and the organ liver. The liver energy expresses creativity and is a very “hard worker”, having to oversee all the organ functions. A disharmony can lead to chaos, loud voices and screaming is a disharmony of the liver, also anger. Generosity on the other hand is the positive aspect of it, and Italy, in my opinion is the perfect expression of all of these liver aspects! Kind regards, Irene,

  2. ishitasood

    Thank you Margie for these lovely pictures that capture Italian life’s essence. so pure and joyful 🙂 I feel more connected than ever.

  3. dollygoolsby

    As some of the others who replied, I appreciate how hard the people in Italy work..however, they do really enjoy their time off, too. They seem to know how to make each moment of the day count, either at work or at play. I had the opportunity to live in a small hill town for one month, and did get to know tome of the people who live there, and I loved being part of that hard-working, but fun, atmosphere. Thank you, Margie, for your blog that gives us insight into the daily lives of the Italian people.

  4. imarancher

    What I loved most was the mature Italian lady shelling peas or snapping beans. Doing a job while getting a few rays in a “little black dress” with Italian sandals. Tell me that style is not something inborn and never lost. I appreciate class when I see it. And by the way, I wonder how many times a week the grey haired man goes up and down those stairs? Must be very fit folks in Italy. How old are those stairs Margie? I love long lived architecture. I love putting my hand on a stone that thousands have touched before me. Connects me with the generations gone. Thanks for doing the field work so that I can recline comfortably and enjoy your hard work as well as the Italian folks hard work.

    • margieinitaly

      Ah these comments are priceless, Bonnie. Thank you. In fact the man going up the steps is named Cresenzo and at the time of the photo he was 73 years old. he goes up and down those 300 steps every day since he is the caretaker of the 15th century ruins of an old castle in Maiori. You can read about it here.

      I too liked the lady shelling beans. I was happy she gave me permission to photograph her.

  5. Debra Kolkka

    Many people have a romantic notion of life in Italy. Not everyone takes a long lunch, many in small business work very long hours. People living in small villages have a long drive to work and if their business closes for a few hours in the middle of the day they are a bit stuck. It is too far to drive home and back. As a result they leave for work very early in the morning and don’t get home until very late as they don’t finish work until 7.30 pm. Many work for low pay. I would not like to have to work and raise a family in Italy right now. There is little work for young people, many of whom must leave their family and country to find a job.
    Life can be very tough for Italians.

    • margieinitaly

      I totally agree, Debra, that the Italian lifestyle is challenging and hard at times. Since you live in Italy half the year, you experience it first-hand. I had a taste of it when I spent three months there in 2011.Grazie

  6. Annette Piper

    I think they actually have a very balanced view of work. They work hard but leave plenty of time for family and relaxed recreation, particularly in the more rural areas where they still close over lunch. Their work does not consume them as much as it seems to in the US or Australia.

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