Three Days of Naples – So Much to See

I have been in Naples three days and have not had time to write about it because there is so much to see and do. I need a week or two to write about all the places I have seen with Tina, from Discover Napoli Destinations.

She has graciously made herself accessible to me and has shown me around this city in a way that only a local can! And I appreciate it! I will just give you an idea of where we have gone and what we have seen, without even writing about these places…That will have to come in later blogs, or possibly a book..for now a few photos and a list will have to suffice…

Would you believe that since I arrived at the Naples train station Tuesday night, Tina
picked me up in her car and so far I have seen and done the following:

Visited Castello Sant’ Elmo, viewed the Naples waterfront at night, ate candied chestnuts, rode the funiculare to Vomero, walked through the Santa Chiara Cloister, ate authentic margherita pizza at a pizzeria almost 100 years old, toured the famous San Carlo Theatre, saw the incredible presepes at Museo San Martino, wandered on Via San Gregorio Armeno and watched artisans hand craft the figures for the presepes, ate a melanzane saltimbocca, ordered food in Italian, saw incredible sculptures in Museo Cappella San Severo, rode the modern Metro via the subway station voted the best in the world, went to the Carrozza Museum and Villa Pignatelli, ate a gelato along the waterfront, experienced two Naples typical street markets, had a traditional pastry called Baba, and toured the Gay-Odin chocolate factory…visited the Duomo and the Chapel of San Gennaro…I know there were plenty of other churches too but this gives you an idea.


So for this post I am focusing on the colors of the street market with some photos from there. Enjoy!




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  1. italyonmymind

    Love the photos of the markets Margie. I went to Naples as a child (now but a dim memory) and have otherwise only been through it on the way to Amalfi and Pompeii. The problem with Italy is that there is so much to see. Napoli is on my “to-see” list – one day!! Enjoy your time there

  2. imarancher

    Good grief, how many pairs of shoes do you wear out while in Italy, lol? I know you are getting plenty of exercise and the best ambience ever! Enjoy!

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