Photos from Venice

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Scenes of Venice


Vaporetto Stop








 Angela and Alessandro shared a gondola ride with me!
My Italian cousin Angela and her boyfriend Alessandro shared a gondola ride with me!





The famous Bridge of Sighs, about which a legend exists. Supposedly if a couple kisses under the bridge while riding in a gondola at sunset, if the church bells ring…their love is everlasting. How romantic.

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  1. stephanie710

    Beautiful pictures, Margie. I’ve really enjoyed following your latest adventure. 🙂

  2. Sigh. This makes me want to go back…and go back most desperately. Beautiful.

  3. love everything about your Italian blog!!! Sabrina

  4. Leaving the ICU’s of the world behind and traveling to your homeland has taken at least 15 years off your shoulders. You certainly look like you belong in Italy.

  5. K Smothers

    Gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing. Margie you look so beautiful & happy in the gondola pic.
    It has been a real pleasure following you on this trip. Grazie Mille!

    • I appreciate your kind comments. It was truly a fantastic trip. Thanks again for your support.

      • I interrupt this blog with an important announcement: It does not come with the Italian air nor the sense of style but Breyers is now selling. . . . GELATO! Yes, the local Publix has several flavors. It will do until you can get back to Italy!

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