My Italian Family

The only reason I went to Molise and to the town of Colle d’Anchise was to visit my cousins on my father’s side of the family. My cousin Antonella and I connected a few years ago on FaceBook and this was the third time I have visited her and her family. It was a short visit but I got to see everyone.

Meet my Italian cousins!
Antonella and her husband Michele

Isabella, Antonella’s mother

Santina, Antonella’s youngest sister

Carolina with Santina, also a sister

Pasqualina, Antonella’s aunt with Antonella’s Nonna Carolina

Gianluca, Antonella’s son

Federica, Antonella’s daughter


They are all so happy and nice. I enjoyed my time with them.

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  1. Definitely a family resemblance there!

  2. What beautiful skin, especially Santina. I see where you get it from.

  3. Anonymous

    You mean they are my cousins!!?

  4. Nice to be able to meet to your Italian family!

  5. Margie, how wonderful for you, to connect with family!

  6. Karen DiRienzo

    Margie, you may be distantly related to my husband too. He is Antonella’s first cousin. Antonella’s father and my MIL are siblings. We were there this summer. We too stayed in Amalfi and I’m enjoying revisiting through your posts. I too love, love, love visiting Italy and I’m not even Italian.

  7. My grandfather Berardino Longano, was also born in Colle D’Anchise, I live in Uruguay, I would love to get in touch with relatives.
    I would appreciate any information. Thanks a lot.
    Roberto Longano

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